Parineetii 10th June 2024 Written Update: Gurinder’s confession to Parineet

Parineetii 10th June 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sanju searching for Parineet. He notices Neeti there. She asks him about Parineet. Sanju tells her that he is searching for her. Neeti says that they finished the puja together. She doesn’t know where did she disappeared from there. Sanju asks Neeti to inform him if he meet her. Parineet cries thinking about Sanju. Meanwhile, Babli shares her happiness with Monty. She says that she prayed to god to cure badi maa. Parineet missing her a lot.

Monty says that she may be prayed to get a handsome husband. She blushed and leaves. Parineet prays god to send Sanju near her. Its important to reveal the truth to him. She noticed a phone near the statue. She gets happy to see the network connection is in it. She calls Sanju but she couldn’t contact him. She tries to call Babli but she disconnected it. Monty asks her to attend it. It may be an important call. She attends the call. She asks her to inform Sanju that she is in the middle of the jungle. She requests her to send him. Babli informs Sanju about it. Parineet thinks that she has to hide in a safe place. She gets scared to the darkness around her. She prays god to send Sanju near her.

Parineet collides with Gurinder. Parineet hugs her in fear. She says to her that Neeti attacked her. She took Daljeet help to kill her. She escaped from Neeti after attacking her. She was searching for her family. Rakesh and Daljeet come there. Parineet asks her to save her.

Daljeet says that she might die. Parineet says that they shouldn’t harm Gurinder. She didn’t do anything wrong. She won’t allow them to attack her. Neeti comes there. Rakesh gives the knife to her. Gurinder slaps Parineet. She asks Neeti why she is alive yet? Parineet is shocked to hear it. Sanju is searching for Parineet. She realised that Gurinder is also their team. They smirks at Parineet. They surrounded her. Parineet asks Gurinder what’s she saying? Isn’t she her mom? Gurinder says that she isn’t her mom. She didn’t give birth to her. She didn’t adopted her either.

Parineet says that she is her daughter-in-law. She is Sanju’s mom. Gurinder says that she isn’t her mother-in-law. She says that Gurinder fixed her wedding with Sanju. Gurinder says that she had an eye on their land. That is why she fixed her wedding with Sanju. He doesn’t want to marry her at all. She asked him to marry her and leave her. He left to Chandigarh after the wedding. Neeti says that Sanju brings the alliance for her. She rejected his proposal. That is why he married her and went to Chandigarh for his ambition. She wanted to become an air hostess too. They were in love and ambitious. He loves her not Parineet. Parineet says that he loves her. Neeti and Gurinder makes fun of her. Gurinder says that she accepted her as her daughter-in-law for the sake of baby. She lost the baby so she has to die. Neeti says that Sanju pretends to love her for the baby.

He only needs the baby not Parineet. He loves her not Parineet. Gurinder tries to manipulate her. Neeti says that she will marry Sanju with her blessings. Its time to kill Parineet. Rakesh says that Sanju didn’t loved her that is why he didn’t searched for her yet. Parineet says that he loves her. Parineet pushed them and runs from there. Neeti scolds Daljeet and Rakesh. Gurinder says that Parineet learnt her truth too so she shouldn’t escape from them. Parineet searching for Sanju. Gurinder is shocked to see Sanju there.

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