Parineetii 10th November 2022 Written Update: Simi confronts Neeti

Parineetii 10th November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Grandma saying to Monty that she saw one girl in Rajeev’s room. He says to her nothing to worry she may be a guest. She would have came here to use washroom. No one is in Rajeev’s life than Parineet. She says to him it’s hard to believe anyone in today’s life. Monty tries to convince her but she beats him. Sanju says to Neeti that it’s his mistake. He apologized to her. Neeti says that it’s his parents mistake. He shouldn’t have hide this truth from her. Sanju trying to confess the truth to her. Neeti asks him how could he hide to her that he had another one name Golu. Sanju tells her that Grandma used to call him like that. Neeti tells him that he might accept the punishment for hide it from her.

Meanwhile, Tai ji asks Gurinder what’s the need to stop Parineet from revealing the truth to Grandma? Gurinder tells her that she is considering Neeti as her daughter-in-law. She won’t let anything happen to her. Tai ji complaints that she doesn’t have shame to lie to Grandma to save her son. She adds that she knew well about Gurinder. She isn’t cares for Neeti either others. She only cares for herself. Why she is getting angry on her for said the truth. Grandma comes there and says to them she feels ashamed of them. It’s a celebration day but both of them are arguing with each other. Gurinder feels relieved that she didn’t heard anything. Gurinder manges to lie to her. Grandma asks them who is that girl stayed in Rajeev’s room? Gurinder pretends like she doesn’t understand it. Grandma tells her that she was wearing blue dress. Tai ji tells her that Gurinder knows her and excuses her. Grandma inquires her about Neeti. Gurinder diverts her by bringing another topic.

Sanju asks her to give the punishment to him but don’t stop talking with him. Sanju trying to be romantic with her. Grandma coming there to lighten the diyas on terrace. Neeti says to Sanju that someone will notice them. He assures her that no one will come here to disturb them. Grandma feels pain in her leg. She wishes to ask Parineet to go massage to her leg. Sanju says to Neeti that she was complaining to him he has split personality. Neeti adds that he was romancing with her sometimes but ignoring her later. Grandma noticed Sanju on terrace. She tries to check him. Parineet notices that Grandma approaching them. She fears that she will find out the truth. Neeti runs from there blushing. Grandma asks Sanju what’s he doing with Parineet in the terrace? Sanju tries to manage the situation there. Grandma demands them to hug each other. Parineet feels uncomfortable there. Neeti feels disappointed when he isn’t following him.

Grandma turns aside to give privacy to Sanju and Parineet. Parineet asks Sanju to go down without creating any scene. Neeti noticed Grandma there and leaves from there. Grandma demands Sanju and Parineet to give heir to her asap. Sanju assures to her that she will get her heir asap. Parineet leaves from there. Grandma misunderstands that Parineet is blushing. Meanwhile, Chandrika thinks that she doesn’t know anything about Grandma’s taste. Tai ji asks her to prepare it asap. Gurinder gets excited to hear the calling bell. She expected Diwali gift. She gets surprised to see Parineet’s sister Simi there. She introduced herself to everyone and says to them she is here to celebrate Diwali with Parineet. Tai ji fears to get caught.

Simi dash with Monty, he loses his balance. She laughs at him. Both ends up arguing with each other. She loses her balance and falls on him. Meanwhile, Sanju asks Neeti why did she ran from the terrace. He missed her a lot. Neeti wishes to meet Grandma. Sanju praised her beauty to divert her. Sanju romancing with Neeti. Simi accidentally noticed them together. She thinks that Neeti and Rajeev are betraying Parineet. She wishes to inform everyone about it. She again Collide with Monty. They ends up arguing with each other. Simi comes there and inquire Monty about her. He introduced new Simi as Parineet’s sister to him. Simi looks down on her. Simi thinks that this Simi sister showing top much attitude to her. Later, Simi takes Neeti to terrace. She inquires Neeti what’s she doing here? Neeti tells her that she got a happy life here. Simi questions her doesn’t Parineet did this much to her. She helped her a lot in her life. But she snatched her husband from her. Neeti tells her that she didn’t heard anything in this crackers sound. Simi asks her why she is pretending like innocent. She is angry on her. Parineet comes there and says to her that Simi is angry on her because she didn’t invited her for her wedding and revealed her pregnancy to her. Neeti apologize to her. Parineet wishes to confess the truth to her.

Episode end

Precap; Grandma will slap Rajeev for being in relationship with another woman when his wife is here. She will curse him that one day he will also feel the pain of betrayal for cheated Parineet.

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