Parineetii 11th July 2022 Written Update: Rajveer ties the knot with Neeti

Parineetii 11th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Priest asks everyone Is they really wanna perform this marriage or not? If they don’t wanna perform it or else he wanna leave. Sukhwinder asks Neeti to sit on mandap. Meanwhile Monty wakes Balwinder and informs to him that they found out Mishika he might thank Parineet reasoning she saved her risking her life. Parineet bring Mishika there but Monty tells her he is not well so she takes her from there. Balwinder thinks that Parineet risks her life to save Mishika and ruined his happiness so she won’t be happy lifelong too. Meanwhile Rajveer and Neeti’s wedding arrangements begins. Parineet taking care of Mishika there.

Priest informs to Sukhwinder that vermilion is not in it. She thinks that no store will open in this time. Parineet tells her she has vermilion and asks Simi to take care of Mishika. Simi removes her hand from her. Parineet says she don’t have new one. Parineet thinks how will she give her vermilion she is using daily. She convinces herself that it’s all superstitious belief she can offer her vermillion to her. Because Neeti gonna get married to Sanju and her Rajveer never leave her. Neeti takes vermilion from her and applies it on her hairline. Priest asks Sanju to tie the nuptial chain around Neeti’s neck. He hesitates to do it but Parineet asks him to tie it.

Neeti and Rajveer takes 7 vows around sacred fire. He reminds his wedding moments with Parineet. Parineet thinks where did Rajveer went she has no idea when is he coming and going? Priest announces that both got married. They takes blessings from Sukhwinder. Everyone congratulates them. Vicky feels emotional there Parineet hugs Neeti there. She asks Sanju to remove his sehara but Monty tells her he will remove it after bidaai.

Parineet says to them she arranged first night for them as a marriage consultant. Neeti shares to her she was the best. She introduces Parineet as her best friend to him. Monty and Rajveer gets shock of his life hearing they are childhood best friends. Sukhwinder informs to her that she is returning to her home. Sanju will definitely take a good care on her. They performes bidai there.

Chandrika scares to open the door. Parineet brings Mishika there. Simi enquires her Is she said anything to mom? She denies it. Gurinder asks everyone to go inside and scolds Parineet for not attending her phone. Parineet takes Mishika inside. Meanwhile Neeti and Rajveer reaches to hotel to celebrate their first night. Server narrating everything to them Rajveer asks him to leave from there. Neeti complaints to Rajveer that he is not her Sanju because he is so desperate to be alone with her.

Episode end

Precap; Parineet will ask who is in dark? Driver will reveal his identity to her. She will ask him to leave from there. Meanwhile Rajveer will romance with Neeti. Parineet will shout for help. Rajveer will come there driver will stab him.

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