Parineetii 11th June 2024 Written Update: Neeti pushed Parineet down from the cliff

Parineetii 11th June 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sanju asking Neeti if she see Parineet? Gurinder gets nervous. Rakesh asks Daljeet what’s he doing here. It seems he is also searching for Parineet. Gurinder lies to Sanju that they didn’t see her. Sanju tells her that he is searching for her last one hour. He doesn’t know where is she. He will take a class to her once he meet her. He leaves from there. Gurinder says to Neeti that Parineet shouldn’t reveal the truth to Sanju. He won’t leave her. We have to kill her before he notice her. Daljeet and Rakesh comes there. He says that we have to find her. Parineet fears the worst. She hides seeing Neeti. Neeti says that she is aware that she is hiding somewhere. Gurinder says that she is fooling them around. Neeti says that Sanju doesn’t care about her. He is loving her not Parineet. She loved her most in this world. But it was her biggest mistake. She brings the past there. She mentioned her as unlucky. She says that it’s useless to hide. Parineet closes her ears. Gurinder says that Neeti is right. She is a unlucky girl. When she came to Sanju’s life he lost everything. She almost reached near the death. She has to die. Sanju calls Neeti. She attends the phone.

Sanju asks Neeti if she finds Parineet? She nodded to him. Sanju asks her not to leave her. He is coming. Neeti plays a fake voice note on him. He says that Parineet might die today. Parineet is shocked to hear it. She thinks that he is with Neeti. Parineet feels heartbroken. Neeti talked about her marriage. Neeti holds Parineet’s hand. She says that she was calling her. She isn’t answering to her. She has to die because Sanju wanted this too. He said that they can’t lead a happy life till Parineet is in their life. Parineet says that if he wanted to live with her then she won’t disturb them. She will leave from their life if Sanju love her. She says that Gurinder doesn’t want to consider her as her daughter-in-law. She don’t need to do it. She won’t disturb them. She says ro Daljeet that he wanted to kill her because he doesn’t like Parminder loving her.

Parineet says to him she won’t meet them again. If Parminder transfer the property on her name then she won’t accept it. She don’t need it. She just want to live long. She asks them to leave her. Neeti says that she shouldn’t live. She has to die. Rakesh says that he won’t save her this time. He decided that kill her this time. They pushed her down from the hills. She holds a rope. Sanju comes there searching for Parineet. Neeti lies to him that he is late. Parineet slipped and falls down from the hills. Sanju calls Parineet. He rushes from there to bring the rope. Neeti uses that chance and says to her that he is anger at her for not killing her. She asks Parineet to die. He isn’t loving her. He wanted to get rid of her. Gurinder says that same. She asks her to die. Daljeet and Rakesh are provoking her against Sanju. Neeti says that it’s better to die by herself. No one likes to see her alive. Sanju may put a rock on her to kill her. Parineet gets heartbroken. She recalls her moments with Sanju. They are provoking her to die. Sanju brings a rope there but Parineet is dizzy. She couldn’t hear his voice. He tied the rope in a rock. He rushes to save her in another path. When Parineet opens her eyes she just witnessed that he is holding a rock. She recalls the way Neeti said to her that Sanju going to kill her by throwing a rock at her. Parineet feels heartbroken and slips down. Sanju shouts her name.

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Precap; Sanju risks his life to save Parineet

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