Parineetii 11th May 2022 Written Update: Parineet invites Neeti to her house

Parineetii 11th May 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Parineet requesting him to not talk in that way and telling him that he is everything to her that’s why she comes out to search for him. She stops herself from revealing her love. Rajeev asks her to not cry. Pari tells him that she got scared seeing the nightmare. Rajeev promises to never get angry with her. He makes her sleep on the bed. He prays to god to make Parineet leave him.

The next day, Parineet apologizes to Rajeev for her last night’s behavior. He tells her that she is correct in her place. She is about to fall down but he holds her. Pari tells him that she knows that he supports her whenever she needed. She tells him that she loves him so much as he saved his father’s respect. Rajeev in anger reveals to her that he just married her for land. He asks her to get lost from his place. Parminder comes there and asks what’s happening. Parineet jumps from the window. Rajeev shouts her name. Which turns out to be his dream. He notices Parineet is in his arms. Chandrika calls them out telling Parineet’s mom came to meet her.

Parineet comes out. She feels happy meeting her Mom, Vikram, and Mandeep. Parminder welcomes them. Monty and Rajeev take blessings of Gurpreet. Amit meets them too. Parminder sends Parineet to get snacks and tea. Rajeev goes aside to attend the call. Gurpreet gives sweets to Parminder. Parminder asks Chandrika to take them. Chandrika reveals to her that Parminder won’t eat local sweets. Parminder sends her to get snacks. Gurpreet asks Parminder to forgive her daughter if she did any wrong. Gurpreet sends him to get the bag. Neeti asks Sanju if everything is fine. He tells her that everything is fine. Neeti asks when he is planning to make her meet with his family. He tells her it takes some time. Neeti tells him fine. He flirts with her. Neeti sees Pari call and tells him that she will call him later. He asks if she got a call from the airlines. Neeti says no and it’s an important call and disconnects the call. He thinks who can be important to Neeti more than him. Vikram brings the bag. Parminder asks him to marry soon as his sister got married. Simi comes there. Chandrika mocks Simi for being unmarried. Simi mocks her. Parminder sends them and tells them it’s nokh jokh if Nanand and Bhabhi. Vikram tells something fell in his eyes. Amit sends him to clean his eyes. Gurpreet handovers Jewellery boxes to Parminder which Jaswant prepared for Parineet.

Monty sees Rajeev and asks him what happened. Rajeev tells him Neeti disconnected his call getting someone call and Neeti is independent, unlike Parineet. Monty asks him to talk slowly and Parineet loves you more than Neeti as Neeti disconnected your call. Rajeev shuts him. Parineet asks Chandrika to sit with everyone and she prepares Pakodi. Chandrika says she is so good.

Monty says Neeti may be hiding secrets like you’re hiding from her so get to know from Neeti who’s that important person and steal her phone to know her secrets. Neeti calls Pari and asks her to tell her about her Sasural. Pari asks her to come to meet her Mom. Neeti asks her to send her address. Parineet agrees and tells her that she will send after asking Rajeev.

Episode ends.

Precap – Neeti gets angry seeing the message. Rajeev vents his frustration at Parineet.

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