Parineetii 12th May 2022 Written Update: Neeti calls Vikram for help

Parineetii 12th May 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Parineet taking Pakodi and Tea. Chandrika gets angry at Amit for not supporting her. Amit asks Chandrika to not get hyper as it’s your family too. Chandrika says Parminder loves Rajeev not us and you stay here like a cat. Vikram and Simi come there. Vikram tells he came fir the washroom. Simi takes him with her. Chandrika leaves saying why can’t he support her infront of everyone. Rajeev calls Neeti. She attends the call. Rajeev tells Monty that he hates him as he created doubt in his mind that who is important to Neeti more than him. Neeti smiles hearing his conversation. He notices she attends the call. She tells him she is going to meet her best friend and disconnects the call. Rajeev tells Monty that he needs to check the phone of Neeti.

Vikram requests Simi to not behave wrongly with Parineet as she is behaving with Chandrika. Simi says first you have to question Rajeev that why he didn’t bring her here that’s why I didn’t allow you guys. Vikram says I don’t know about the reason but Parineet is my responsibility post my Bade Papa demise so take care of her. Simi says she doesn’t misbehave with Parineet if she is good and she asks him to not teach her how to behave. He agrees. Rajeev takes one tray from Parineet. Parminder asks if he is becoming like Amit. She manages telling it’s good to help wife. Parineet serves Pakodi but tea falls on Rajeev by mistake. He goes to change. Parineet goes behind him and tells him that she will take out another shirt for him. He removes his shirt. She stares at him happily. He takes the shirt and changes it. She asks him to message their address to her friend.

Neeti gets shocked seeing the message. Rajeev comes behind Pari. He tells Monty that she gets to know the truth. Family members ask what happened. Vikram goes aside to attend Neeti’s call. Neeti tells him that she received Vishal’s message and asks him to handle it. Vikram assures her to handle the matter. He calls Jay and asks him to come to meet him. Simi thinks she won’t leave Parineet if she crosses her limits. Gurpreet and Vikram ask Parineet why she is crying. She recalls Rajeev being furious at her and how he requested her to not tell Parminder otherwise she will punish him. Parminder asks what happened. Parineet hides Rajeev’s behavior and tells she got tears remembering her Dad. Mandeep asks why she cried as Rajeev scolded her. Parminder says she won’t leave her son if they I’ll treat their wife’s. Vikram asks Pari if she is fine. Parineet nods yes. Parminder asks Parineet to spend her time with Gurpreet. Monty asks Rajeev what happened. Rajeev says he is unable to concentrate on anything thinking who’s more important to Neeti than me that’s why I vent my frustration on her.

Gurpreet tells them they need to leave. Parminder asks them to come to their home whenever they want. Gurpreet gives the necklace to Parineet saying it’s a blessing of her Dad. Parineet shows it to Parminder. Parminder says it’s an old design but it’s good and I will keep it in the locker. Chandrika says she doesn’t like my necklace too but they are with her and I didn’t get my jewellery back. Parminder shuts her and asks Simi to return Chandrika’s jewellery to her.

Episode ends.

Precap – Parminder asks Rajeev to place jewellery in the locker opening a bank account. Rajeev thanks Parineet for coming into his life.

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