Parineetii 12th September 2022 Written Update: Gurinder slaps Rajeev

Parineetii 12th September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Neeti scolding Sanju for not spending time with her. She complained to him that she was waiting for him a lot. She wants to see him. She was well aware that he had many reasons to deny her request. But she might be with him in his family. It’s the right of a wife. Parineet asks her family members to hear the truth. She disconnects the call. Neeti gets frustrated when he disconnected the call even after she said this much to him. She thinks that she will teach a lesson to him after she is discharged from hospital. She wanted to go straight to his home.

Parineet asked Rajeev why he had done this to her? Why did he betray her? Why did he marry again, betraying her? She needs a husband who loves his wife like Pappa ji. But she got him who betrayed her. Parineet adds that he was married to her childhood best friend Neeti. Chandrika thinks he married Neeti? Parineet asked him. Didn’t he know they were best friends? Then why did he betray them? Rajeev tells her he is not. She asked him not to lie. At least say the truth today. She complaints that it’s her mistake to expect him to say the truth. Whose life begins with a lie and ends with a lie. Rajeev thinks that Parineet saw him with Neeti. How could he be careless?

Parineet is Neeti’s best friend. How would she leave Neeti in such a state alone? She saw them together. That’s why she didn’t come to meet Neeti. Gurinder thinks that Rajeev betrayed Parineet so she might do something. She inquired Rajeev what’s the truth? She demands him to confess the truth if he is ashamed. She is well aware that Neeti is her friend. Rajeev thinks it’s time to reveal the truth to everyone. If he doesn’t open his mouth, then he will live with lies life long.

Gurinder shouts at him to say the truth. Rajeev shares with Gurinder that both Parineet and Neeti are his wives. Parineet asked him why he betrayed them? She understood now why he took Ajay’s help to confuse her. She revealed to them that Rajeev made Ajay sit on mandap to confuse Parineet. He even did the same at a party. She saw Shanaya getting angry at Ajay. She thought Sanju was betraying Neeti. But Rajeev betrayed both of them. Later, Neeti wishes to contact Parineet to share her problems. She thinks that Parineet is avoiding her. She thinks she is imagining things. Parineet is her best friend. She will be able to talk with her anytime. Meanwhile, Gurinder says to Rajeev that he made a big mistake. Rajeev’s mom stops Gurinder from slapping him. She added her to inquire Rajeev once to hear his explanation. She might have heard his hand too. Neeti calls Parineet but Chandrika attends it. She informs Neeti that she will call her later. Neeti thinks that Parineet may have some problems. She wants to meet her.

Rajeev’s mom talked in favour of him and accused Parineet. Parineet asked her whom she asked to save? She shares with her that he betrayed two girls. She saw his love for her in the hospital. Rajeev shares with Gurinder that he loves Neeti a lot. She loved her before marriage. Gurinder slaps him and lashes out at him. She asks him if he loves Neeti. Then why did he marry Parineet? He revealed to her that he had married her for mom’s sake. She forced him to marry her. Gurinder demands him what’s the reason to force him? He revealed to her that she had done that for dowry. Gurinder lashes out at his mom for spoiling two girls because of her selfishness. Poor Neeti isn’t aware of this truth. When she learns the truth, will she stay with him? She won’t stay with him. She ruined 3 lives.

Rajeev’s mom revealed to her that Parineet’s marriage halted twice. No one dared to marry her. She asked Rajeev to marry her. What’s wrong with it? Gurinder tells her that she is aware of her character. She had to swear to her son that she wouldn’t get anything in return. She lied to her as nothing. Gurinder says to her that even after this much happened she was accusing Parineet. Afterwards, she is mom to Parineet. Everyone ignores Rajeev and walks away from there. Later, Parineet returns to her room and breaks out in tears while recollecting her old moments with Rajeev. Gurinder reaches there and tells her that she will be able to understand her situation. She asks her to cry her heart out. Parineet asks her what her mistake was? Why did he do this to her? She shares with her that she even had many dreams about her husband. But her mom advised her but she couldn’t understand her at that time. But she understands after she grows up. She talks with her in a motivating way. Parineet shares her grief with her.

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