Parineetii 13th August 2022 Written Update: Neeti warns Rakesh

Parineetii 13th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Rajeev gets shocked seeing Parineet there. Parineet asks him whom asked him to go to Amritsar? Rajeev tells her that his boss new to this city so he demands him to accompany him. Parineet tells him it’s a good thing he can worship God too. Rajeev tells her he is talking about tomorrow. Parineet says to him it’s impossible because we have function tomorrow. He tells her that he is going to deny it. Chandrika takes Rajeev and Parineet from there to practice Dance. He tries to excuses her but she is adamant. Mishika dances there which dislikes by Gurinder. Later Family dances together and enjoys the moments. Rajeev sneaks out from there. Later Rajeev asks Neeti how could she take decisions alone she even booked the tickets too without considering his wish. Neeti tells him let’s go together it’s her priority.

Rajeev asks her why don’t she think about his priority? She asks him doesn’t she his priority? Rajeev complaints that she went leaving him alone when she got emergency call from her work so she might thinks about his work too. Neeti tells him that she doesn’t care about anything. Rajeev asks her to stop being a kid. He complaints that she is keep arguing with him for everything and behaving like a typical wife. This attitude of her ruins everything. Neeti asks him what’s he meant? Rajeev tells her that she might understand him and stop being a kid. He walks away from there Neeti thinks what happened to him? Rajeev feels guilty for scolding her and thinks that tomorrow is Gurinder anniversary so he might attend it.
Neeti thinks that Sanju changed a lot he was not like this before marriage. She reminds her old days with him. How did he took care of her and cooked for her. The way he taught Neeti how to cook and spend quality time with her.

Neeti said to Sanju that he was romancing with her instead of teaching her how to cook. He demand kiss to her she asked him to cook for her. Neeti gets emotional thinking of it. She walks on road crying. She thinks what happened to him? While crossing the road she notices Rakesh there. She doubts what’s he doing in Chandigarh? She follows him behind in car. Meanwhile Parineet applying mehandi to Gurinder. She shares her marriage experience to Parineet. She tells her that she got 15 alliance. Chandrika asks her then why did she chose her husband then? She adds that she had better option too. Gurinder says that this why she don’t like love marriage. Amith comes there and mocks at her. Chandrika asks Parineet to buy crokcoach spray because lots of crokcoach. Simi asks them to stop being noisy she wanna read book. Parineet asks her to enjoy with them. Simi tells her that she has no interest in this wedding anniversary arrangements. She doubts why are they marrying? Chandrika mocks at her. She leaves from there. Gurinder asks mehandi designer to apply mehandi in her husband hand too. Parineet leaves from there. Gurinder appreciates Parineet’s good behaviour.

Rakesh says to his henchman that he doesn’t what’s Parineet doing here these many days. He demands him to find out Parineet asap he wanna take her back with him. Neeti calls Parineet to alert her and gets irritate when she didn’t attend the phone on time. She prays god that she shouldn’t come out of house. Meanwhile Parineet comes out of house but remembers she forgot to bring phone. She goes inside to take it. Rakesh reaches to her house. His friends tells him they saw her here first time. Rakesh says to him then he might go inside to check her. Today Parineet will bid bye to her in laws and go with him. Neeti comes there and tells him nothing will happen here as he expected. Till she alive no one can’t able to touch Parineet. His henchman surrounds Neeti. Meanwhile Parineet returns to home Gurinder asks her to apply mehandi in her hand. She tells him that she has many works to do. Monty asks her to enjoy it. Rajeev comes there on time. Gurinder demands him to sit with them. Later Neeti calls Journalist and tells him she has good cover story for him. Rakesh asks her to cuts the phone. She demands him to apologise to her. He apologized to her without option. She demands him to leave from there reasoning she has evidence against him. She will upload everything on social media already she has his old video in her hand. She will ruin his carrier.

Episode end

Precap; Rajeev and Parineet will share an eye lock. Rakesh will send his goons inside Rajeev’s house to search for her. Meanwhile Neeti will enquire Parineet where is she? She tell her that she came to purchase some things from market. Neeti will plead with her to stay in home. Neeti will alert Parineet that Rakesh reached to Chandigarh. Someone will touch Parineet shoulder she will get shock to face that person.

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