Parineetii 13th November 2023 Written Update: Parminder gives a reality check to Neeti

Parineetii 13th November 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Parineet asking Sukhwinder to unpack her things. She shouldn’t leave this house. Sukhwinder asks her why she is mentioning her as a mom. She isn’t her daughter. She ruined her daughter’s life. She snatched her husband from her and ruined her family. Parineet asks her to make Neeti understand the situation. She asks her to stop her. Sukhwinder says that she is dead for her. Gurinder says to her that Neeti will stay at home if she stays there. Sukhwinder says that she is in pain. She feels helpless. She can’t do anything. She is not ready to listen to her. She shares her grief with her. Neeti comes there and gives the divorce papers to him. She asks him to sign it. Parminder stops Parineet from interfering in it. Sanju asks Neeti if she needs a divorce from him for real. She tells him that he needs it. Sanju tells her that he never thought of giving her a divorce. She wanted the same. Everything will be alright between them. He asks her to go inside. She isn’t going anywhere. Neeti says that she has a condition to stop this divorce. She asks him to kick Parineet out of this house at that moment. Everyone was shocked to hear it. Sanju says to her it won’t happen. It won’t happen ever. Neeti was shocked to hear it.


Parineet requests Neeti not to leave. Neeti requests her to stop this drama. Because of her, everything turned out like this. She ruined everything. Parineet says that she is saying it all in anger. Neeti says that she is in anger. She has to do it. She says that she has fought with the world for her since childhood. But this is what she returned to her. She betrayed her. Neeti asks her to stop showing her face to her. She is showing her fake love and friendship to her. She doesn’t want to see her face either. She notices Parineet in tears. Neeti asks her to stop this drama. She snatched everything from her, showing her innocent face. She ruined everything by talking with her in sugar-coated words. She ruined everything in her life. She even snatched her husband. Why is she doing this to her best friend? She doesn’t even realise it. She may feel happy. She is happy to see her in pain. She can understand what she is feeling inside her.

Neeti says to Parineet that she can spend a happy time with her husband after she leaves there. She can share her bed too. She doesn’t want to see her. Parineet asks her not to leave her house. Parminder asks Chandrika to stop at the door. She already seen lots of drama. Family members will take a decision in this house. Neeti says that she can’t stop her from closing the door. Tao ji says that they will decide who is going to stay in this house or not. It’s his house. Sanju asks him to calm down. Tao ji says that he is still alive. He can make a decision. Parminder says that Gurinder performed Sanju’s wedding with Parineet even after he loved Neeti. She is wrong here. She says that Sukhwinder is also wrong here. She would have inquired about Sanju’s family before giving Neeti’s hand to Sanju. She didn’t do that. Sukhwinder admits that it was her mistake. Parminder says that Neeti is blaming Parineet and Sanju for it. Neeti is also wrong here. She was married to a person who was married already. She didn’t wish to know about his family. She asks Gurinder if she has made any mistakes. Neeti isn’t punishing her mother-in-law and mom for their mistake. It’s a family. We have to adjust with each other for everyone’s happiness. Neeti asks her what she is trying to say. Parminder says that if she reveals it, then she will feel hurt. She would have thrown her out of this house if she thought about making a decision.

Parminder says that Neeti is in this state because of their decision. They have to decide whether she has to stay in this house or not. Neeti has to listen to their decision. Tao ji supports her decision. He asks Gurinder and Sukhwinder to decide. Sukhwinder requests her to stay there. Gurinder apologized to her and asked her to stay there. Neeti says that she didn’t ask anyone’s permission to marry Sanju. But she had to get their permission to leave. Neeti says that she has a condition. Sanju had to ask her to stay in that house. Meanwhile, Sanju recalls his moments with Neeti. Parineet requests him to stop her. Only he can stop her. Sanju denied it. Parineet says that she is his love and pride of this house. Sanju says that he loves her not anymore. There is no trust between them. Sanju says that Neeti doesn’t care about anyone in this house, then why should he stop her? Parineet says that she is his wife. He won’t stop her after this much happened. Sanju says that she doesn’t even think that Parineet is carrying their baby. She tried to kill her many times. Parineet says that he even made mistakes. He assures her that he will make her happy. Sanju says that he is doing it all for Parineet and his baby’s safety. Parineet says that she is going to stop her.

Episode end

Sanju will say to Neeti that he is her husband and love. Parineet is her friend. How could she ignore his love and friend. Neeti says that even her enemies shouldn’t have a friend like her. She shouldn’t have met Parineet in her life.

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