Parineetii 14th March 2024 Written Update: Neeti blabbers to Parineet

Parineetii 14th March 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Parineet saying to everyone that she find out a blood donor for Gurinder. Everyone feels relieved. Grandmother leaves to donate her blood. Sanju hugs Parineet and says that because of her, Gurinder going to get well. Parminder appreciates her. Neeti fumes seeing it. She thinks that Parineet arranged for the blood. She has to do anything or else she will lose her Sanju. Neeti thinks that everyone will keep Parineet in their head. She can’t get back her Sanju. Parineet did everything to bring the blood. She has do everything to kill Gurinder. She can’t see them praising Parineet. God is always helping Parineet not her. She gets an idea and thinks if she do it then Gurinder will die and she won’t get catch. Later, Bebe keeps a close watch on Neeti. Neeti notices the changing room. She thought to kill Gurinder in a doctor uniform. She won’t get caught.

Neeti is selecting a dress and change it. Bebe calls her and demands her to reveal the truth. She shouldn’t try to change the topic. She will expose her in front of everyone. Neeti says that she won’t change at all. She is behind her to get an attention in that family. She don’t have time to waste with her. Bebe asks her to reveal the truth she is giving a last chance to her. She shouldn’t regret later. Neeti asks her to go anything. Neeti leaves from there in a disguise. Bebe thinks that Neeti is playing a smart game. She will ruin her plan in front of everyone. Bebe says to them that she wanted to tell something important to them. They may don’t believe her. She asks Chandrika about Parminder. She says that she is praying in the temple. The inspector notices Parminder and ask her about Parineet. He thought Neeti attacked Parineet. Parminder says that she is fighting for her life. He is about to say that Neeti did it. Neeti close his mouth and takes him from there.

Parminder is surprised to see him missing there. Sanju comes there and says that Bebe wanted to say something to them. Neeti fears that she may expose her. Neeti asks the doctor to check the inspector. He says that he has internal bleeding. He is his patient. He takes him from there. Bebe says to Parminder that someone will come to check Gurinder. We will think she is a doctor but she isn’t. Neeti asks her who will come in disguise? She isn’t a god. Bebe is surprised to see her. Neeti asks her not to reveal anything about her. Chandrika asks her what’s the secret between them? Neeti says that only Bebe knew about it. Bebe hugs her. Neeti assures her to reveal the truth. Bebe lies to them that Neeti fasting for Gurinder. Parineet says that no need for it. She can pray for her. Neeti says that she is Parineet’s mother-in-law and Sanju’s mom. She worries about her. Neeti notices the nurse going to the ICU with blood. Neeti goes behind her.

Neeti enters into the ICU. She says to Gurinder that she brought a gift for her. She did manythings for her when she was her daughter-in-law. But Gurinder changed her daughter-in-law. Her love for her changed too. If she inject this poison in her body then their relationship between them over. Neeti is about to inject the poison but Parineet comes there. Neeti acts like she has some connections with Gurinder in her lost memory. Parineet consoles her. The doctor asks them to leave from there. Neeti fumes hearing it. Neeti recalls the way she divorced Sanju. She regrets for it. She asks Parineet why did she do like that? What magic she tried to Gurinder. She is loving her more then her? She was praising her.

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