Parineetii 14th May 2022 Written Update: Kaali maa Poojari gets a bad vibe from Rajeev

Parineetii 14th May 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Shubam asking Neeti to share her problem with her friend. Neeti thanked Shubham for dropping her off on time. She tells him that she won’t get peace until she makes the wrong people get punishment. She thinks to share her problem with Parineet. Rajeev leaves telling Parineet that he will check Monty. Parineet smiles seeing moments of a couple infront of her. Parineet takes a pen but one Little girl takes pen from her. Rajeev thinks he is trapped with his proposal. Monty asks him what happened. Rajeev says Parineet is talking to me in love but I love Neeti who’s independent. Neeti calls Parineet but she gets unreachable.

Little girl asks Parineet to help her granny to fill out the form as her hand is shaking. Parineet agrees and fills the form for that old lady. Old lady thanks her for her help. Parineet asks Watchman to help the old lady to open her account quickly. Watchman asks her to take old lady to the third floor through the stairs. The old lady asks Parineet to take her. Parineet agrees. The old lady sees her daughter and sends her with Parineet.

Rajeev says Neeti sent me a love symbol for the first time but this Parineet ruined it for me and my horoscope may match with Parineet but we are the total opposite. Parineet comes there and tells Aunty that it’s her husband’s voice. Aunty asks her to overhear his words to know what he thinks about her. Parineet says he is good with her. Aunty asks her to use the opportunity. Rajeev says I fought for her the whole night and I know I’m trapped when I find she agreed to marry Rakesh for me. Lady hears Rajeev’s voice and thinks he hates this girl but this girl thinks he loves her so much. Beeji tells Parineet that she has sensing power as she is poojari of Kaali maa and she sensed a bad vibe. She asks her to not trust her husband as he is doubled faced and not trustable. Pari says their marriage happened in a weird way. Monty sees Parineet and asks Rajeev to cover up. Rajeev tells he wants Pari so much as he loves her.

Lady goes infront of Rajeev. Rajeev asks if he knows her. She tells she knows him. She holds his hand. She gets a bad vibe and leaves from there in tension. Parineet goes after her. She feels happy recalling Rajeev’s words. Parineet asks Beeji if she is fine. Beeji tells now you may not understand my words but your husband is not the one who looks so don’t trust him and if you have any problem in life then come to Kaali Mandir in sector 2. She senses something wrong going to happen in the bank. She asks Parineet to leave. Goons make the person who catches them unconscious. Parineet denies leaving telling her nothing happened. Lady leaves telling her that she will understand with experience.

Episode ends

Precap – Robbers hijack the bank and kill the people who are trying to run. Parineet feels scared.

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