Parineetii 14th November 2022 Written Update: Grandma learns the truth

Parineetii 14th November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Parineet assuring to Neeti that she will talk with Sanju about it. She will celebrate her Diwali with Sanju and his family. Neeti thank her for doing this much for her. Parineet tells that Neeti’s happiness is her happiness. Meanwhile, Rajeev shares with his mom that Neeti trying to introduce him with Grandma. Gurinder thinks that she won’t get single penny from grandma after she learns the truth about Neeti. She advise him to make sure that Neeti is staying away from grandma. He wants to create fear in her. If Grandma come to know the truth then she will throw them out of the house. Rajeev thinks that she is right. Grandma won’t leave him if she come to know that Neeti is carrying his baby. He is determined to hide this truth from her. Meanwhile, Parineet says to Rajeev that she knows that she doesn’t have any rights to ask this help to him. She wants to ask this for Neeti. It’s Neeti’s first Diwali with him. She wants to celebrate it with Rajeev. He says to her that Grandma is here how he will celebrate the diwali with her? Parineet assures him to take care of Grandma. She asks her to celebrate the Diwali with Neeti and leaves from there.

Monty is excited about the diwali. Simi tells him that she doesn’t like it all. Babli comes there and says that Diwali won’t be fulfilled without food. She tells him that she is hungry and needs food. She asks him to give dry fruits to her. Simi teases her doesn’t she get dry fruits in her Barnala? Babli asks her to give respect to her because she has equal rights of her in this house. She is sister of Parineet. Simi leaves from there. Monty says to Babli that she started again. Later, Rajeev appreciates Parineet for arranging everything. Parineet tells him that she is doing everything for Neeti’s happiness. Rajeev tells her that she is a perfect friend, daughter and Daughter-in-law of the house. Parineet tells her that she isn’t able to become a good wife. She didn’t get her husband love. Parineet walks away from there. Grandma asks Rajeev to go and celebrate the diwali with Parineet.

Neeti asks Rajeev to lighten the crackers with her. He fears to get caught. She says to him that she wants to lighten crackers. Rajeev denied it reasoning he is scared of it. Neeti is adamant to lighten the crackers with him. He rushes her to do it asap. She thinks that something is bothering him. Gurinder makes sure that Grandma isn’t there and calls Neeti to lighten the crackers. Crackers starts explode out of the blue. Parineet and Neeti are stuck in it. Family members are shouting for help. Rajeev brings Parineet out of the fire and pushes her down hearing Neeti’s voice. Parineet hand gets hurt. Rajeev takes Neeti out of the fire. Grandma gets confused seeing them together. Parminder rushes near Parineet to help her. Parineet inquires her about Neeti. She assures her that she is doing better.

Rajeev consoles Neeti inside his bedroom. Grandma thinks that he is consoling another woman when his wife was hurt. Doesn’t he has shame to do like that with another woman? She recollects Neeti’s words and guessed that something is wrong there. She is determined not to leave anyone today. Rajeev tries to bring water for her. But she isn’t leaving him. She shares her happiness to him. He assures her that he won’t leave her and their baby life long. Neeti inquires him about Parineet? He informs her that she got hurt little. But she will be alright asap. Neeti asks him to take go and check her. He excuses her. Grandma thinks that her guessing was right. She isn’t stranger but a Sautan of Parineet. Later, Gurinder tries to create a scene there. Rajeev asks her to stop this drama now. He tries to give first aid to her wounds but she denied it. He didn’t give heed to her words and do the first aid to her. Gurinder dislike the way he is being close to her. Grandma comes there and asks them what’s going on here?

Grandma asks him what are they thinking? If they hide the truth from her she won’t come to know the truth? She questions Tai ji doesn’t she aware of this? Doesn’t they have ashamed to do this? They are ruining their family name. He betrayed Parineet. She loved him a lot in this family. But she never expected him to betray her like that. Why he is betraying Parineet in this way? He might answer to her pain. Her heart breaks hearing it then she isn’t able to think about Parineet’s pain. Grandma says to Rajeev that Neeti like a girl will break the house. Rajeev asks her to say anything to him but Neeti isn’t fault here. Grandma asks him what’s Parineet mistake in it? He takes 7 vows with Parineet. Rajeev tells her that Neeti is his wife.

Episode end

Precap; Grandma will slap Rajeev for being in relationship with another woman when his wife is here. She will curse him that one day he will also feel the pain of betrayal for cheated Parineet

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