Parineetii 14th November 2023 Written Update: Parminder gives a fitting reply to Bebe

Parineetii 14th November 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Parineet asking Parminder to make Sanju understand. He isn’t stopping her. Parminder asks her if she is human. Neeti tried to kill her and hated her. She doesn’t understand it. Parineet says that she is just angry at her. Parminder says that someone would have sent Neeti to jail for deeds if they were in her place. Parineet says that she can’t allow her to leave this house. Sanju loves her. She is carrying their baby. She requests Sanju to stop Neeti. He recalls Neeti’s condition to him. He ignores Parineet. Later, Gurinder tries to convince Neeti. Neeti tells her that she will only listen to Sanju. His decision is final. Sanju comes there. He asks her if she has decided to leave this house for real? She nodded to him. Sanju opens the door. He says to her that she has decided to leave, so he won’t stop her. She can do whatever she wants. He won’t interfere in her decision. If she is happy to leave them, she can do it. He won’t bother her anymore. Everyone is shocked by his decision. Neeti recalls her moments with Sanju and walks away from there.


Neeti gets emotional while recalling their beautiful memories together. Neeti hesitates to step out of the house. Sanju goes near her. He held her hand. He asks her not to leave. She asks him if he is saying it from his heart. She says that she wants to hear it. She shouldn’t regret it later. She has self-respect too. Sanju asks her if she really wants to stay with him? She nodded to him. But she has a condition. He is aware of her condition. He has to choose one from them. She can’t stay with Parineet. Sanju asks Parineet to listen to it. This is why he stopped her. She is still adamant about her decision. Neeti says that he stopped her for Parineet. He didn’t stop her from heart. Bebe asks Parineet to have some shame. She comes between Neeti and Sanju. If she hadn’t been there, they would have been happy. She ruined their lives. Parminder says that she shouldn’t badmouth her daughter. She didn’t ruin anyone’s house. She is innocent. Sanju says that he stopped her because of Parineet. Neeti walks away and slips. She gets hurt. Sanju and Parineet get worried.

Sanju says to her it’s her house.

How she will go back home where she has no place. Parineet says that she misunderstood something. Neeti says that she understood them well. She recalls the way Sanju said that he stopped her for Parineet. She asks him to take off his hand. He filled her hairline with vermilion with his hand. She isn’t ready to listen to him. Sanju tries to convince her. Neeti says that he can lead a happy life with her. Neeti says that she won’t change her decision. If he removed Parineet from this house, everything would be alright. Sanju says that she is coming there again. Parineet was his first wife. She did everything for them. Bebe manipulates her against them. Neeti says that he is trying to prove Parineet is right and Neeti is wrong. Sanju says that he is her husband and love. Parineet is her friend. Neeti says that even her enemies shouldn’t have a friend like her. Neeti says that if she, didn’t meet Parineet in her life, If she didn’t bring a friend of hers. She would have been happy.

Bebe says to Pariminder that Neeti has left the house. But Parineet ruled this house. Parminder asks her not to forget she is also the daughter-in-law of this house. Bebe says that he married her without an option. Tao ji says that Sanju doesn’t consider her his responsibility. Sukhwinder says that Sanju brought that sin to this house. Parminder asks her not to mention Parineet as a sin. She is the legal daughter-in-law of this house. She married Sanju in front of everyone with elder blessings, unlike Neeti, who married him secretly. If they blame each other, this problem won’t get solved. Three of them are their children. We have to do something. Sukhwinder says that she is also a reason for Neeti’s state. Parminder says that she left on her own wish. Bebe says that Parineet is a snake. She ruined Neeti’s life. She will ruin this family. She curses her. Sukhwinder leaves.

Episode end

Precap; Parineet will ask Neeti to pack her things and go with her. Neeti will ask her if she thinks that house belongs to her? Sanju will kick her out of that house. Neeti pushes her out of her house. Sanju holds her and takes her from there.

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