Parineetii 15th November 2022 Written Update: Grandma is in danger

Parineetii 15th November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Rajeev informing to Grandma that Neeti isn’t outsider but his wife. He takes 7 vows with her. He loves her a lot. He accepts that Parineet is a good person but he isn’t able to give Neeti’s place to her in his life. Gurinder thinks what’s the need to confess the truth to her? She won’t give properties to her. Simi thinks that Grandma learnt the truth. Soon Neeti will learn the truth too. After the truth out real Diwali begins. Grandma says to him that he was proud of his act. Doesn’t he have shame to betray two girls at a time? He ruined two girls life. It’s a sin. Gurinder tries to interrupt her but she stops her. She shares with them that her relationship with them is over.

Rajeev tells her he is her blood. Grandma slaps him in anger. She asks him to stay away from him. He lost the rights on her. He broke her trust. He will be punished for his deeds. He will get his punishment in this birth only. One day he will feel the same betrayal in his life. Gurinder asks her how could she curse her grandson? Grandma asks her doesn’t she have shame to say like that? will she appreciates his act? Why don’t she question her son? How will she question him when she doesn’t have culture?

Gurinder says that he didn’t do any sin. He loves Neeti. What’s wrong in it? Gurinder adds that Parineet doesn’t have any problems with it. Then what’s her problems in it? Grandma says that she has problem. Parineet has a good culture. That is why she didn’t filed any complaint against them. Neeti would have gave complaint against them if they did the same to her. She starts cough there. Parminder asks her to calm down she will be sick. Grandma asks her how could she allow him betray her? Doesn’t she considered her as the eldest daughter-in-law. She didn’t expect this from her.

Parineet says to her that it’s not their fault but hers. Her married hault twice. So her dad arranged her marriage with Rajeev. He doesn’t love her at all. Its not his mistake but hers. Grandma says to him that it’s culture. It’s real love. He may be doesn’t love her but she loves him for real. She says to Rajeev that she won’t forgive him for it. She doesn’t want to see him hereafter.

Parineet asks her what’s she saying? Grandma blessed Parineet to get a good life and real love. Grandma walks away from there. Everyone follows her behind. She demands them to stop there or else they won’t see her again. Rajeev says that Grandma was angry on him and left from here. It’s all happening because of him. He feels guilty for his deeds. Meanwhile, Grandma cries for Parineet. She thinks how could he betray Parineet like that? They did a sin to her. She thinks that she felt something fishy seeing Neeti. She ruined everyone life. She won’t leave her snatch her family happiness. She won’t let this happen. Children’s lighten the crackers there. It’s hit Grandma and falls down. Everyone hears her sound and rushes near her.

Rajeev takes her to hospital. The Nurse asks them to stay outside. Only person is allowed to stay inside. Neeti inquires them what happened to her? Why did she left out alone? Parminder questions her how could she trouble them? Neeti asks her why she is getting angry on her? Monty manages to lie with Neeti. He asks her to stay in home. She denied it. He asks her to don’t misunderstands the situation. She assures to her. Later, the doctor giving treatment to Grandma. Rajeev and Parineet are nervous there. The doctor asks him to be calm down and let her do her job. Parineet consoles Rajeev. He feels guilty for his deeds. Rajeev opens up with her Parineet consoles him. Rajeev explains the situation to the doctor.

The doctor tells him that she wants to do further test to confirm what happened to her. Later, Parineet sits beside and apologize to her. Grandma gives some reactions she noticed it. Monty and Babli argues with each other. Parineet gets surprised to hear Grandma’s question.

Episode ends

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