Parineetii 15th September 2022 Written Update: Rajeev feels guilty

Parineetii 15th September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Tai ji sharing with Rajeev that Neeti will definitely leave him when his truth is out. She wants to learn Rajeev is a betrayer. She would also leave him the way Parineet went. He deserved it. Chandrika noticed the storm outside. Chandrika tells her that she will close the door. Tai ji tells her that no one will close the door till these two betrayers leave her. Gurinder stopped her reasoning. He was her Rajeev. He is’s son. Tai ji complained to her that he never behaved like her son. If Gurinder considered Parineet as her daughter, then she would have punished her son for his mistake.

She considered Parineet her daughter, so she might take revenge for betraying her. She tried hard to unite this house. But she never thought Parineet would break up on her anniversary day. Rajeev and Gurinder are responsible for it. Tai ji complained that they broke up this family. Rajeev shares his explanation with her. He adds that he really loves Neeti. He will confess all the truth to her, but he can’t be able to live without her. Tai ji says that Neeti will also take the same decision as Parineet. Parineet left him for her happiness. When he thinks of her position he will understand the pain of heart breaking. She always made sure to keep him happy, but he never ever made her happy. He didn’t consider her his wife. His wife left this house in the middle of the night because of him.

Parineet reaches the hospital. The doctor asks Parineet to inform her husband to take good care of her. She needs his presence now. She informs her that Neeti tried to go out. Parineet inquired” Is Neeti out of danger? She assured her. Later, Parineet is reminded of Rajeev’s betrayal and turns to her face. Parineet thinks that it was not her mistake either. Rajeev who betrayed both of them. Rajeev says to Tai ji that Neeti is in hospital. Her condition is critical. How will he leave her? He assured Tai ji that he would apologize to Parineet and make her understand everything. He will definitely bring her back home. Tai ji asks him how he will bring her back? What’s his relationship with her? Will he mention Sanju or Rajeev’s names to her? When his blood turns into a dirty one? Gurinder asks her how could she insult him in this way?

Gurinder asks his brother- in-law Didn’t he heard it? Why is he keeping quiet? He lashes out at her for supporting a betrayer. He gave a fitting reply to her. Gurinder joins him, accusing Rajeev. She shared with him that he had done a sin to Parineet. She started coughing. Rajeev gives water to her but she pushes it away. Her husband demands Chandrika take her inside. He ordered Rajeev to leave his house. Parineet feels relieved to hear Neeti is fine. She gets emotional seeing Neeti. She hugs her and burst out in tears. Later, Parineet shares with Neeti that Rajeev betrayed her as she said. He has been cheating her these many days. He broke her heart today. He is none other than her husband Sanju. Both people are the same. She shares everything with her and opens up to Neeti. She apologized to her in tears. She adds that she is well aware she loves him a lot but he betrayed both of them. He betrayed his best friend too. She will always stand by her. She asked her to promise to go with her. Parineet noticed Neeti in an unconscious state. She asks her to open her eyes. Parineet asks for help.

Rajeev thinks that he made a big mistake. Could he ruin two girls? He thought it was better to cheat Parineet to live with Neeti happily, but he didn’t realise he was betraying Neeti either. He pretended to love Parineet for his selfishness. He wishes to apologise to Parineet for his mistake. Tai ji is right. He didn’t commit a mistake, but a sin. Rajeev thinks that he loves Neeti a lot. She learnt everything from her. She taught him what’s love? He would do anything to save his marriage. He is ready to sacrifice anything for her. Meanwhile, Nurse checks Neeti and assures Parineet that she is alright. The doctor gave a sleeping injection to Neeti to control her. She tried to go out to meet her. Parineet thinks that she confessed all truth to Neeti when she was in deep sleep. It seems she isn’t heard anything. She won’t betray her and definition confess all truth to her.

Episode end

Precap; Parineet will learn that Neeti carrying child of Sanju. Parineet will think how she will share with Neeti her child’s father a betrayer. She will ask God to help her.

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