Parineetii 16th May 2022 Written Update: Robbers hijack the bank

Parineetii 16th May 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Aunty leaving from there with her granddaughter telling Parineet that she won’t believe it until she experiences the danger. Parineet attends the call of Neeti. Neeti says finally you’re getting time to attend my call. Parineet tells she came to Kdm bank. Neeti says you’re becoming a Chandigarh girl and tells Pari that she is becoming a typical girl in Sanju’s love. Parineet asks Neeti to express her feelings to Sanjeev as she expressed to Rajeev. Neeti says she is feeling shy and tells her that she is receiving Sanju’s call. Parineet asks her to express her love to Sanju. Neeti says she will try and disconnects the call. Parineet goes to search for Rajeev.

Robbers enter the bank with a plan. They wear hoodies to hide their faces. Vikram gives the collected money to Gurpreet. Gurpreet gives it to Mandeep. Vikram takes it from her and tells them he will deposit in Bank as it’s risky for them to carry money. Neeti calls Sanju. He asks her to tell what’s the meaning of the red heart. Neeti says I told my friend that I will confess to you but it’s tough so understand. Sanju says I understand and we love each other so much. Neeti says you’re like my best friend’s husband. He asks her to not talk about him. Parineet comes in front of him. Neeti asks him to tell how much he loves her. He goes aside and tells her that he loves him so much. Neeti disconnects the call when her friend calls her that it’s time for their flight.

Goon hides his gun seeing Parineet and Rajeev. Parineet asks Rajeev what he wants her to write the name. He asks her to write what she likes. Parineet tells him about past incidents and questions him why he didn’t come back to take her. If you came then Dad may feel happy. Rajeev asks her to not cry telling others may misunderstand the situation. Parineet hugs him in tears recalling her moments with Jaswant. Officer meets Manager for access to locker room. Manager tells him gold is coming in 10m and he goes with him to give access. Goons lock the bank and they paint on CCTV cameras. Then they hijack a bank and kill the people who go against them. Watchman aims a gun at one of the goons and asks Manager to call the police but Manager hides in fear. Watchman tries to call the police but they shoot him. Rajeev and Parineet leave from there taking aunty and her granddaughter. Robber asks them to reveal who’s manager otherwise everyone will be dead. An employee shows them the manager. Rajeev keeps Parineet and Aunty in the room. He is about to go out to call the police. Parineet asks him to not go. He promises her that he will return for sure.

Robber asks the Manager for the key. Mangers give the keys in fear. Robbers notice Monty and go to catch him. Robbers get to know gold is coming. He tells Manager that he will steal their gold and lives. Aunty tells Parineet that she is sensing that some bond is connecting her and her husband and one who united them may separate them.

Episode ends.

Precap – Parineet sends video to Neeti for help. Neeti comes to the rescue.

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