Parineetii 16th November 2022 Written Update: Parineet’s Timely help

Parineetii 16th November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Biji asking Parineet what happened to her? Parineet wishes to hides the matter from her. She lies to her that she just fainted in home. She doesn’t eat anything from morning. Biji asks her why will she refuse to eat when Parineet cook delicious food for her? She asks her won’t she cook for her? Parineet nods with her and doubts why she is asking her to cook after learnt Rajeev’s truth. Rajeev comes there and express her happiness to Biji after she gains conscious. Rajeev tells her that he wouldn’t have forgive her if she failed to recover. He pleads with her to stay with him life long. Biji says to him that she won’t leave anywhere leaving her grandson. She will roam around with him and eats healthy food. She doesn’t need his fast food. Rajeev misunderstands that Biji forgave him.

Rajeev asks her to stay with him. He assures her to fulfill her wish. Biji says to him that both Parineet and Rajeev wants to give good news to her asap. She needs both boy and girl. Rajeev realises that Biji forgot the incidents. Rajeev asks her doesn’t she remember what happened in home? She nods with him that she remembers everything. They wants to give good news to her asap. Rajeev shares to the doctor that she is behaving weird. The doctor tells him that she looks perfect to her. Rajeev tells her that Biji forgot what happened yesterday. The doctor takes the test for Biji.

The doctor informs Rajeev family that as she said she had internal injury. She forgot recent incidents. Parminder feels happy to learn that Biji forgot about Rajeev and Neeti’s truth. The Doctor advises them to don’t give stress to her. Just fulfill all her wish. Don’t force her to bring back her memories. It will risk her life. Meanwhile, Neeti comes there to inquire Rajeev how Biji doing? Rajeev informs her that she forgot what happened yesterday. He blabbered to her that everything happened because of him. Neeti asks him what’s he meant? Rajeev manages to lie with her.

Later, Parineet and Parminder notices Rajeev hugging Neeti. She about to leave Parminder stops her. She asks her to stay in home until Biji gets normal. She needs her help to solve everything. Parineet asks her how she will lie to her and stay in home? Why god is punishing her like that. Parminder consoles her. Later, Biji asks Rajeev why did he bring her here? She didn’t eat sweets and pickle. Rajeev adds that she is admitted in hospital. She shouldn’t eat such things in the hospital. Parineet comes there. Biji gets happy to see her there.

Neeti tries to meet Biji but Parminder stops her. She says to her that she shouldn’t meet her now. She adds that Biji forgot many incidents including you. The doctor asks them to don’t stress her or force her to bring back her memories. She advises Neeti to meet her later. Later, Rajeev informs the doctor that Biji likes to get discharged from the hospital. The doctor advised her to make her happy and she might take rest on time. Biji says that she will be happy if Parineet and Rajeev gives a heir to her. She asks the doctor to advise them.

Later, Monty meets Biji. She slaps him for not received her from the railway station. Monty asks her does she remembers it? She asks him why should she forgot that? She saw Rajeev and Parineet together in good pose. Rajeev diverts her from that topic. Biji notices Neeti there and inquires them who she is? Parineet says to her that she is her friend. She has some personal problems with her husband. That is why she staying with her. Parminder tells her that her husband married two girls. Biji scolds her husband. She asks Parineet to introduce her. Parineet informs this to Rajeev. He fears what if she introduce him as her husband. Neeti heard it and asks him what’s the problem to introduce her as his wife to her? Parineet lies to her that Biji even forgot that Rajeev got married. She isn’t not the in state to face any shocking news. Neeti assures her to don’t reveal the truth to her. Rajeev thanks Parineet for saving his family from the mess. Latter, Biji advises Neeti how to behave in her in laws house. Neeti looks confused

Episode end

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