Parineetii 16th November 2023 Written Update: Sanju takes a stand for Parineet

Parineetii 16th November 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Neeti saying to Shukhwinder that she used to say All is well. God may do it all for her good. She says that Sanju will realise her importance. She expected Sanju’s call but was disappointed to see the spam call. Meanwhile, Parineet is checking out Sanju and Neeti’s wedding. She thinks what happened to their destiny? Some evil eyes fell on them. She is the reason for everything. She should have left their life early. She misunderstood everything. She doesn’t want to snatch Sanju from her. She wants to unite them. She is determined to unite them. She ruined her life to save Neeti’s family. Nothing is more important to her than Neeti in her life. Later, Neeti opens the door and is shocked to see Parineet there. Neeti says that she pokes her head in every relationship. She needs her permission to enter the house now. Neeti asks her what she wants? Parineet says that she needs her. She asks her to pack her things and go with her. Neeti asks her if she is planning another drama? She won’t fall for her trick. Parineet asks her to go back to her family. Neeti asks her if she is leaving the house or if Sanju kicks her out of the house? Parineet says that she is her friend. She misunderstood her. She will do anything for her. Neeti scolds her for holding her hand. She came here to take her sautan back home.


Sukhwinder asks her to leave from there. Parineet asks her to make Neeti understand. Neeti says that she wants to impress the family members by bringing her back home. She won’t allow this to happen. She doesn’t want to cry there. She doesn’t care about her feelings. She says that Sanju is hers. She is her sautan. She demands her to leave from there. Meanwhile, Parminder learns from Chandrika that Parineet went to bring back Neeti. She wants to unite Neeti with Sanju. Parminder says that Parineet doesn’t understand that Neeti ended her friendship with her. Parineet is ruining her life for her. Chandrika says that she tried to make her understand, but Parineet still believes that Neeti will forgive her. She will return home. Sanju thinks that Parineet didn’t do the right thing. Neeti is still angry at Parineet. What if she does something to her in anger? Meanwhile, Neeti asks Parineet if she remembers when she gifted a ring to her. It’s the symbol of their friendship. She recalls those days. Neeti says to her that she said to her that this ring will save them.

Neeti says that she is mad to believe the ring saved their lives. But trust is important in a relationship. She trusted her blindly. Neeti removed the ring from her hand forcefully. She throws the ring down and says that our friendship is over. Neeti throws her out of the house. Sanju holds her at the right time. He glares at her. Later, Bebe refuses to eat the food. Parminder says that they shouldn’t blame her for whatever happened here. Bebe says that she didn’t do anything to stop her. Parminder says that Parineet is her daughter. Gurinder says that she allowed her daughter-in-law to leave this house for her daughter. She also has rights in this house, like Parineet. Parminder says that she didn’t stay quiet. She tried to stop her. They forget that Neeti tried to kill Parineet many times. She even tried to kill their heir. They are not seeing it. She even put a condition in front of them. It’s wrong. Bebe says that she failed to notice why she had done that. Who will stay quiet when someone tries to snatch her husband? Parminder says that it doesn’t mean she tried to kill Parineet. She shouldn’t hurt her for it. She adds that Neeti is in this state not because of Parineet, but for her ego. If she didn’t change her attitude, then no one would be able to save her relationship with Sanju. Gurinder says that she isn’t ready to blame Parineet. Bebe thinks that she has to do something to Parminder or else she will ruin her plan.

Neeti asks Parineet if she wanted this? She wants Sanju to stand for her. Neeti blames Parineet. Sanju says that she came to take her back home. But she pushed her out of the house. Shame on her. Neeti says that she wanted this. She wanted to create a bad impression on her in front of Sanju. Sanju asks her how could she think like that? He feels pity for her because she has got a friend like Neeti. Neeti asks Parineet who she is to come between them. Sanju says that they were like that just because of her adamant nature. Parineet tried all the way to unite them. She doesn’t understand it. Neeti says that he will understand that he is supporting the wrong person. But when he realised it, she goes far from him. He says she has already left. Sanju takes Parineet from there. Parineet asks Sanju what’s going on here? Sanju says to her that she isn’t her old Neeti. She had changed. He asked her not to talk about it. Meanwhile, Shukhwinder scolds Neeti for ruining her life because of her ego. She asks her to go back home. She needs her old Neeti. Neeti refuses to go there. Later, Sanju says to Parineet that she isn’t seeing Neeti’s mistakes. She asks him if he loves Neeti or not? He denies it. Parineet slaps him.

Episode end

Parineet decided to leave home. Neeti demands divorce from Sanju. Bebe’s attempt to kill Parineet.

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