Parineetii 19th January 2023 Written Update: Parineet exposed Rajeev

Parineetii 19th January 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Neeti noticing Gurpreet there and hugs her in happiness. Gurpreet asks Neeti what she is doing here? Rajeev interrupts before she answers her. He lies to her that he was helping her to remove the dirt from her hair. Neeti gets a shock when hearing it. Rajeev inquires her how her journey was? She assured him it was good. Neeti asked her, didn’t she bring sweets for her? She nodded to her. She leaves from there to use the washroom. She is able to understand the reason why he is hiding their relationship from Biji. But why did he lie to Gurpreet? Rajeev asks her how he will inform her that he was romancing with his wife there. Doesn’t she have shame to say that? Neeti asks him to stop this drama and come out asap to take Pehras together. Rajeev fears getting caught seeing her attitude.

Parineet asks Gurpreet why she travelled here in this cold weather. Gurpreet assured her that she was feeling better now. Neeti comes there and asks Parineet to make a video call to Rajeev. Gurpreet doubts why she is asking her to make a video call? Parineet lies to her aunty, searching for her. She excuses Parineet. Neeti shares with her about Pehras. Parineet assures her to fulfil her request. Neeti leaves to attend Sukhwinder’s phone call. Parminder notices Parineet and feels bad for her. Parminder says to her that she knew her well. She wishes to take Pehras with Rajeev today. Parineet denies it. Parminder says that she deserves to be with him. If Rajeev takes pehras with someone else in front of her. Doesn’t she feel uncomfortable? Parineet alerts her that Sukhwinder is coming to meet her. She lost her way. She wanted to bring her here. Parineet fears the worst.

Parineet shares her fear with Parminder. Rajeev inquires her where Neeti is. She informs him that Sukhwinder is coming here to celebrate lohri with us. Rajeev asks her. How is it possible? Parminder lashes out at him and leaves. Rajeev tells her that she is right. Because of him, she is in trouble. Parineet asks her how he would take Pehras with Neeti in front of Biji? He tells her Gurpreet is also there. He wishes to stop Neeti. Biji stops him and takes him from there forcefully. She asks him to take Pehras with Parineet. Parineet thinks that she doesn’t have any relationship with him, then how will she take Pehras with him? Rajeev thinks that if Neeti notices them together she will divorce him today.

Parminder is happy to see them together and thinks that everything is going according to her wishes. Biji asks Monty to take their video of taking Pehras. Parineet worries about Neeti. She feels guilty for betraying Neeti. Meanwhile, Neeti hugs Sukhwinder and hugs her happily. She shares with her how much she misses her. Neeti helps her to get inside. Rajeev was looking around often to check whether Neeti was coming or not? Biji demands Rajeev to concentrate on Parineet instead of looking somewhere else. Biji says that three Pehras were over. Now Rajeev wants to walk in front and Parineet wants to follow him behind. Gurinder waits for Neeti.

Neeti notices Parineet taking Pehras. She doubts who is taking Pehras with her. Rajeev isn’t here. She is shocked to find Sanju there. Sukhwinder holds her to support her. Rajeev and Parineet completed taking Pehras. Biji blesses them together. Neeti asks Parineet what’s going on here? Biji says to her that Rajeev and Parineet’s love will increase in between them and she will get an heir asap. Neeti tries to clear her misunderstanding. Rajeev tries to convince Neeti but she scolds him. Neeti says that her doubt was true. Something was between them. Parineet tells her that she has no relationship with Sanju. Biji asks her who Sanju is? Why is she lying to her? She doesn’t have any relationship with Rajeev? He is her husband.

Gurpreet and Sukhwinder are arguing with each other. Parineet reveals to her Rajeev is her husband. Neeti isn’t ready to believe it. She realises that Rajeev betrayed her. He had a fake marriage with her. She is carrying his baby. She lashes out at him. She blames Parineet for betraying her along with Rajeev. Gurpreet gets panic hearing it. Parineet tries to convince her. She faints after hearing Neeti is pregnant. The doctor checks her and announces to everyone she is no more.

Episode end

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