Parineetii 19th November 2023 Written Update: Sanju saves Parineet from the fire

Parineetii 19th November 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sanju recalling his moments with Neeti. He gets emotional. He notices Neeti standing behind him. Neeti asks him why he is crying? He asks her if she cares about it? She can’t change anything. Neeti asks him to say the reason. Sanju tells her that it’s not a question. She already knew the reason for his tears. She tells him that she doesn’t know. Sanju touches her and asks her if she feels anything? She asks him what he wants? He asks her to answer him. She tells him that she can feel his heartbeats. He asks her to stay with him a little more. She started crying. He tells her that she is close with him. That is why his heart beats faster. She is his happiness. He asks her to go far from him, then his heart will stop beating forever. She closes her mouth. He tells her that he will die without her. She promised him not to leave him. She tells him that she misses him. Sanju imagines it all. Bebe comes there. She asks him who he is missing? He asks Bebe to leave him alone. She thinks that if she leaves this phone there, then he will ask someone to open the door. She places it near the door. She steals his phone and closes him from outside. She thinks that she has to finish her work asap.


Parineet is cutting the vegetables. Chandrika says that she looks better now. Parineet asks her if she has any friend who gives strength to her. If that person is with her, she will forget all her sufferings in her life. Parineet says that Neeti is her friend. She is her everything. She can’t think of a life without her. She won’t allow anyone to end their relationship. She will definitely bring her back. Chandrika consoles her. Bebe lies to Chandrika that Parminder is calling her. She scolds Parineet for wasting her time. She asks her to cook. Bebe thinks that she will die asap. Sanju gets a phone, he gets a signal about a problem. He notices that the door is locked from outside. He thinks if someone intentionally did it. What if something happens to Parineet? He prays for her safety. Parineet lights the lighter. The fire caught in the kitchen.

Parminder shouts for help. She shouts Sanju’s name. He hears it. Gurinder rushes there and is shocked to see her state. She asks her how she will save her? Sanju breaks the door and rushes out. He jumps into the kitchen to save her. He protected her by covering her with his jacket. Gurinder says that Parineet will take Sanju’s life. Bebe glares at Parineet. Gurinder informs the firefighters. Sanju saved Parineet and took her to the room. Parminder checks Parineet and finds her hand burnt a little. She asks Chandrika to call the doctor. Chandrika says that she had already informed her. Sanju asks her how the fire caught in the kitchen? She tells him it’s an accident. Parminder denied it. She says that she smelled the room freshener in the kitchen. Who will use it in the kitchen? Someone intentionally did it. Parineet scolds Sanju. She thanked him for saving her from the fire. He is often risking his life to save her. How many days can he do it? She has to leave. She can’t put him in danger because of her.

If something happens to him, what will happen to his family and Neeti? The guard comes there. Sanju asks him to give him CCTV footage records. Bebe asks her if he fixed the CCTV camera in the house. Sanju says that he fixed every corner of this house. When the first time, fire, caught in the kitchen, he got suspicious. Someone is trying to kill Parineet. Bebe starts sweating. Chandrika asks her what happened to her? She lies to them that she isn’t feeling well. Sanju asks the guard to give the footage in a pendrive. This time he will catch the culprit. Sanju says to Parminder that she is doubting it’s not an accident. Let’s find the truth by checking the footage. The doctor comes there. Parminder asks them to check Parineet and Sanju. The doctor checks Parineet. The doctor says that Parineet is alright. She inhaled gas so it was dangerous for her baby and Parineet. She gives medicine to them. Bebe excuses them. Parineet scolds Sanju. She asks him why he jumped into the fire to save her? He asks her if she is angry with him? She says that she won’t forgive him if something happens to him.

Neeti says to Sukhwinder that Bebe isn’t informing her about what happened to Parineet? She isn’t attending her call. Sukhwinder asks her to call her another time. Neeti says that if Parineet died then everything will be alright. Sukhwinder says that it’s wrong to take someone’s life. Whenever she tries to kill her, Sanju risks his life to save her. Neeti is going far from Sanju. Her name is a spoiler. Later, Sanju smiles seeing Parineet’s act. Parineet recalls the way Sanju saved her.

Episode end

Precap; Bebe will inform Neeti that Sanju fixed a CCTV camera in their house. Neeti fears about getting caught

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