Parineetii 1st July 2022 Written Update: Vicky suspects Rajveer

Parineetii 1st July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Parineet helps Priest to arrange everything for pooja. Priest asks Parineet to put thilak on groom. Parineet goes to finish the rituals. Meanwhile Balwinder follows the kidnappers and notices the car number. Later Parineet shares to Sanju that she wanna finish the rituals. She tells him that she wanna put Thilak on him. Parineet removes his sehara and gets surprise to see the groom. Later Vicky and Simi reaches there to meet groom there. Rajveer collied with Monty. He asks him to stop take any foolish step Neeti will die. Rajveer narrates to him that Balwinder informed to him that someone kidnapped Mishika.

Driver snatches the phone from him and narrates to him how did Balwinder careless with Mishika and lost her. Rajveer tensed a lot how will he solve this issue. He asks his friend to help him disguise like groom. He will definitely return on marriage time. Monty leaves from there along with him. Later Rajveer’s friend gets sweat there seeing them together. Simi asks him why is he sweating badly? He says that AC is off that’s why. Vicky introduces him to him. Simi asks him Is he know Monty? He lies to her as yes. Simi leaves from there. Neeti comes there he hides his face asap. Neeti talks with him close which makes Vicky sad.

Vicky collied with Rajeev both falls down. Rajveer escapes from there. Vicky notices him and thinks what’s he doing here. He follows him to make sure whether he is Rajveer or not? Simi comes behind him. Meanwhile Neeti tries to see Sanju but Parineet stops her reasoning priest warned her to don’t see him before marriage. Later Vicky gets inside car to follow Rajveer but Simi too accompany him. Meanwhile Parineet suggests new product to her.

Simi asks Vicky why did he following him? Vicky tells her that when Parineet called him he said to her he was busy but he saw him here. He don’t wanna make anyone tensed in wedding. Monty advises Rajveer to stop driving he was already tensed. It’s not safe to drive but Rajveer is adamant. He thinks that its his mistake to send Mishika with Balwinder. Monty tells him if he don’t teach back on time then Neeti will end up marrying him.

Sukhwinder takes the fake groom to mandap. Fortune teller’s hand touches with him and doubts whom is in groom attire? She stares him in suspicious way. Later Vicky shares to Simi that Rajveer lie to them whom have office on Sunday? If he is in office the problem is over. He noticed him wearing the same shoe same to groom. He is sure that Rajveer hiding something. Simi supports him. He suggests her to call his office then she can understand the truth.

Monty advises to Rajveer he might return to mandap on time or else he will do a big mistake in his life. He reaches on spot and enquires Balwinder about Mishika. Driver narrates everything to him. He alerts him the possibility where would have they went. Rajveer notices the mud on road. He doubts that car tyre marks may take them near the kidnappers. They follows the tyre marks. Rajveer rushes the driver to drive faster. He thinks that they are taking this way to escape from police checking. Rajveer again alerts Rajveer that he might return on time or else Ajay will marry Neeti.

Episode end

Precap; Fortune teller will alert Parineet and Neeti about their future. Later Rajveer will fight with kidnappers and enquire them about Mishika. Later Parineet will alert Neeti that she saw Sanju hugging someone. Neeti will decide to break up with him.

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