Parineetii 1st June 2024 Written Update: Parineet learns Neeti’s truth

Parineetii 1st June 2024 Written Update

The episode starts with Babli saying to Parineet that Neeti is her enemy. Parineet shouts on her for badmouthing on Neeti. She tells her that Neeti is her best friend. She is trusting her more then anyone. Babli complaints that everyone can see Neeti’s true colors except Parineet. She is trusting her blindly. Parineet admits that she is trusting her blindly. She is important to her more then Babli. Meanwhile, Neeti thinks that everything is going well. Parineet says that Neeti convinced her baba to send her to the college. She saved her from Rakesh not Babli. She got everything in her life because of Neeti. She is trusting her blindly. If she talks against Neeti then she will consider her as her enemy too. Meanwhile, Neeti thinks that Parineet is very cunning person. She won’t allow Sanju to marry her easily. She has to separate her from Sanju. Parineet says to Babli that Neeti is carrying a baby for her happiness. She won’t get a husband love or acceptance in the family. Though she is doing it for her. If she talk against Neeti then she will forget that she is her sister. Monty takes Babli from there. Sanju consoles Parineet. She says that she feels ashamed of herself. She suspected Neeti for Babli.

Gurinder complaints to Parminder that Neha was playing here. The police arrived here. He will take care of everything. Many bad omen takes place here so she send Neeti back to her house. Neeti calls Gurinder and says to her that Parineet will try to get close with Sanju in her absence. She asks her to keep Parineet far from Sanju. She agrees to her. Meanwhile, Sanju consoles Parineet. She hugs her. She feels guilty for losing her baby. Gurinder separates them. She asks him to say it clearly that either he don’t marry Neeti or not. He is going to marry Neeti. Gurinder asks Parineet doesn’t she know what’s going on here. Parineet sends Sanju from there. Gurinder asks Parineet to stay away from Sanju. She noticed Neha running from there. Parineet stops her. She asks her doesn’t she was playing hide and seek. Neha says that Neeti fed a chocolate to her and made her unconscious. She is a bad woman. She will kill Neha and Parineet. She asks her not to fix Sanju’s wedding with Neeti.

Neha informs her that Neeti pushed Parineet into the well. She saw it by her own eyes. Parineet is shocked to hear it. Susheela takes her daughter from there. Parineet checks Neeti’s room and finds Sanju’s photo from her cupboard. She finds the saree of Neeti from almira. She recalls the way Neeti wore it while attacked her. Parineet connects all the incidents and understands that Neeti tried to kill her. She killed her baby. Neeti thinks that she promised to her mom that she will take back everything from Parineet. Parineet comes there. She asks her what’s she doing here? She hugs her and tells her that everything will be alright. Why she is crying. Parineet says that her true face came in front of her. She learnt all the truth. Her heart isn’t accepting that she did everything.

Neeti pretends like she don’t understand anything. Parminder asks Sanju what’s bothering him? Sanju says that he wanted to stop something but it’s not happening. Parminder consoles him. The priest says that engagement time is over. He asks her to call Neeti asap. Meanwhile, Parineet asks Neeti to stop her drama. She killed her baby. She understands everything. Neeti acts like she don’t understand. She says that someone lied to her and trying to turn her against her. She is her best friend. She breaks her heart. Parineet says that even she doesn’t believe that she did this dirty thing. She tried to kill her best friend. She considered her as her best friend but she betrayed her. She scold her sister for Neeti. She thought that Babli is wrong but the truth is she is right. Neeti says that she was her old Neeti. Parineet asks her to stop this acting. She needs the answer. Neeti isn’t accepting it. Parineet says that she learnt the truth. She pushed her into the well. It’s the truth. She has the evidence for it. Neha revealed the truth to her. Parineet reveals her plan to her. Neeti tried to kill her.

Episode end

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