Parineetii 1st November 2022 Written Update: Rajeev feels guilty

Parineetii 1st November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Rajeev asking Parineet. Does she need water to drink? Parineet asks him to give peace to her. She tried to leave this house but destiny again brought her here. She isn’t able to handle it all.

Rajeev tells her that he is facing the same situation. Whatever he did to her was not intentional. But it happened. Parineet says to him that he did the same to her and said it happened. Rajeev excuses her.

Later, Neeti takes permission from Tai ji to enter inside her room. Tai ji says that she had already come inside. No need to get her permission. Neeti tells her that she wants to discuss Parineet with her. Tai ji asks her what happened to Parineet?

Neeti shares with Tai ji that Parineet has some issues in her house. Her relationship with Rajeev isn’t good. Tai ji says that Rajeev is a fool and arrogant person. That is why he is troubling Parineet. It’s hard to find a girl like Parineet nowadays. Neeti asks her to let Parineet stay in their house to celebrate Diwali with her.

Tai ji gets excited and tells her that she doesn’t have any problem. Neeti gets excited and leaves from there to inform Parineet about it. Tai ji thanked God for sending Parineet back to her home. She is able to celebrate Diwali with her.

Monty asks Rajeev what happened to him? Rajeev tells him that nothing is going well. Parineet struggled a lot because of his mistake. He only gave her pain. He asks her to give her some solutions to fade away her worries. He is clueless what to do next? Monty asks him to understand it.

He asks him how he will understand it. He isn’t able to sleep in guilt. He isn’t able to think it’s his destiny. What Parineet did to bear this pain? She is an innocent one. Because of his selfishness, Parineet is bearing pain. He betrayed her.

Rajeev asks him to give him a solution for him. He accepts that he got Neeti and his love, but what about Parineet? He ruined her life. He pleads with Monty to give him a solution.

Later, Parineet thinks that she is trying to leave here, but destiny brings her back here. She adds that everyone loves her here except Rajeev. She shouldn’t love him anymore. It’s a sin to think about him because he is Neeti’s husband.

Neeti comes there and tells her that she is aware why she is like that. She adds that he doesn’t deserve her. She demands Parineet forget him. If she still loves him, then her friend will bring him back to her. Parineet thinks that it’s impossible.

Neeti assures her to bring him back to her life. She informs her that Parminder likes her a lot. That is why she gave permission to stay here. Parineet leaves to wash her face. Neeti thinks that she isn’t able to see her crying always thinking about him.

She swear on her baby that she will bring him back to her life. Rajeev comes there and inform Neeti that he wants to go back to office. Boss is angry on him for took leave. Neeti informs him that Parineet worrying about Rajeev.

He asks her to help Chandrika he will take Parineet to take dinner. She asks him to don’t argue with her she is already worried. He nods to her. Neeti hugs him. Parineet gets hurts to see them together. Rajeev thinks how he will talk with Parineet. He doesn’t have any rights on her.

Gurpreet worries for Parineet and shares with Mandeep that Parineet didn’t return to home yet. Mandeep asks her to eat something. But she refused to eat it. Harman reaches there and informs her that Parineet name was on list but she didn’t reach to Barnala.

Meanwhile, Parineet asks Rajeev why did he called her? He thinks it’s better to don’t talk anything with her. It will disturb her. Parineet says to her that she doesn’t have any relationship with him. She is here because of Neeti’s sake.

Later, Gurpreet shares with Harman that Rajeev betrayed her though his family members not advising to him and send Parineet out. Mandeep asks her to contact Neeti to learn about Parineet.

Later, Neeti cooks sweets for Family members. Rajeev and Parineet come out together. Amith comments on him. Tai ji gets happy to see Parineet there. Parineet stops Neeti from serving reasoning she is guest of their house. She shouldn’t do this job.

Tai ji adds that she is guest so she wants to simply sit and eat there. Parineet thank them for allowed her to stay in home. Tai ji says that it’s her house too. She is like her daughter. Neeti thinks that she accepted Parineet so she will accept her too.

She takes her permission to do rangoli. Gurpreet learns from Neeti that Parineet is in home. She asks Neeti Does she hiding anything from her? Neeti lies to her nothing like that. She doubts why did Parineet tried to go back to Barnala.

Later, Parineet doing Pooja in temple. Everyone joins in the pooja but Neeti awake late. Rajeev recognised it as Parineet voice. Neeti complaints to Rajeev that they are getting late to attend pooja. Rajeev pleads with her to wait for him. She fears that Tai ji will scold her if she gets late to attend the pooja.

Chandrika demands Simi and Monty to join the pooja. Parineet wishes happy Diwali to everyone and give prasad to them. Neeti takes everyone blessing. Monty forgets to allot the servants to clean the house. Neeti suggests them to clean the house together. Tai ji gives permission to her. Parineet too supports her.

Neeti asks them to go and take rest they will handle it. Tai ji demands everyone to clean the house together. Everyone are busy in cleaning the house. Rajeev stops Neeti from climb on ladder. Parineet too joins with him. She demands her to get down she is pregnant.

Neeti says that Sanju is here to hold her. Neeti is adamant not clean it. Parineet suggests her to mop the floor. Rajeev helps Parineet to hold the ladder. Parineet lose her balance Rajeev holds her on time. Both shares an eye lock.

Parineet demands Rajeev to leave her down. He leaves her. Neeti scolds him for behaving like that. Rajeev wishes happy diwali to her.

Parminder slips on the door. She asks them who did it to her? Rajeev tells her that it’s happy diwali to her. Neeti apologise to her. Rajeev says to her that she learnt to mop the floor in her air hostess training.

Neeti scolds him for mocking at her. Gurinder starts laughing at Tai ji seeing her condition. Everyone joins laughing with her. She gets happy to see Parineet also smiling Tai ji thinks that she is ready to fall down many times to see Parineet smiling.

Gurpreet mocks at Tai ji for overweight. Tai ji demands her to clean the house. She tells her that she wants to go to market. Tai ji throws water on her. Rajeev consoles her and take her from there.

Later, Gurpreet shares his grief with Harman. She thinks that why is destiny playing like this with Parineet. Harman assures to take care of everything.

Episode end

Precap; Gurpreet will confront Rajeev for his deeds. Neeti will overheard their conversation. Neeti will introduce Sanju as her husband. Gurpreet will reveal the truth to Neeti. Neeti will question Sanju how could he betray her friend Parineet to live with her? Sanju will tell her that he don’t love Parineet.

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