Parineetii 1st September 2022 Written Update: Parineet ignores Rajeev

Parineetii 1st September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Neeti pushing Sanju down when Nurse enters inside . He pretends to fall down accidentally. The nurse apologized to them for disturbing them. Neeti thanks God for giving such a good husband to her. Sanju gets disappointed when he doesn’t find Ajay there. He gets a phone call from Monty. He learns from him that the train is late. He is happy to hear Neeti doing better. He enquires Sanju about Parineet? He asks him what happened to Parineet? Monty shares with him how Parineet ended up in trouble. Sanju assures him that she is not the type to take drugs. He regrets not attending her call on time. Monty asks him to return home asap but he refuses. He alerts him that he will end up in trouble if Gurinder learns he hasn’t returned home yet. He asks Monty how he will leave Neeti alone in the hospital. He suggests he leave from there when Neeti is taking a rest. Sanju appreciates his idea.

Later, Rajeev returns home and witnesses Parineet awake. He asks her, hasn’t she slept yet? Parineet asked him. Why didn’t he return home yesterday? He lies to her his boss and give a feast for them for their business success. She asks him. Doesn’t his boss allow his wife to attend dinner? Rajeev thinks what happened to her today? Rajeev ignores her question and leaves from there. Parineet guessed that Rajeev may have saved Neeti’s number as Boss. Parineet leaves her room, taking the bedsheets and pillow. Rajeev notices Parineet is not in the room and suspects she may have learnt the truth. That’s why she is behaving weirdly. He fears that Rajeev wishes to enquire about Neeti’s condition first? He phones Ajay to enquire about Neeti. He assures him that she is sleeping with nothing to worry about. Rajeev thanked him.

Gurinder asks him where Parineet is? He lied to her. She may be in the washroom. He asks her why she hasn’t slept yet? Gurinder asks him how she will sleep when his grandma comes home? She wanted to talk with Parineet about something important. She leaves from there. Rajeev thinks that she is behaving like a detective. Rajeev feels something strange seeing the climate. Meanwhile, Parineet lies in the store room and cries in silence. She couldn’t control her tears, reminding of Rajeev’s betrayal. Gurinder noticed Parineet in the store room and inquired her what she was doing there? She asks her, is she thinking Gurinder will forgive her for her mistake? She lashes out at her for crossing her limits. Parineet apologized to her for hiding the truth from her. Gurinder adds that she is thankful for her arrangements. But why did she hide the truth that she was in the hospital and went to hospital? Parineeti apologized to her. Gurinder asks her to take care of Neeti but she refuses to go, reasoning her in-law is important to her. Gurinder asks her. Does she have any problems with Rajeev? Why did she sleep there? Parineeti manages to lie with her. Gurinder suspects her behaviour.

Parineet enters the room and tries to sleep on the floor. He doubts what’s happened to her today? He apologized to her for hurting her. She asked him to sleep and let her sleep too. Rajeev tells her that he knew well why she is angry with him. He was in a meeting, that’s why he couldn’t attend her call. Parineet asks him to stop creating noise. Gurinder is outside. He tells her that he committed a mistake, so he will sleep on the floor. Parineet ignores him and lies on the floor. Rajeev doubts she may have learnt the truth. That’s why she is angry with him. Later, Rajeev rushes out after hearing Ajay’s call. Parineet suspects why he rushed out like that? She fears something has happened to Neeti.

Episode end

Precap; Parineet will over hear Rajeev demand Neeti to say I Love You to him. She will break into tears after heard him mentioned I love you Neeti

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