Parineetii 20th January 2023 Written Update: Rajeev requests Parineet to help him

Parineetii 20th January 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with the doctor informing Parineet that Gurpreet is no more. Parineet comes out of her nightmare. She feels relieved seeing her mom standing beside her. She is fine. Parineet intentionally steps on the burning wood to stop taking the Pehras with Rajeev.

Everyone rushes near her. Rajeev asks Neeti to bring the ointment. Parineet lies to them that she mistakenly stepped on it. Parminder checks the place and guesses that Parineet intentionally did it to save Rajeev. Rajeev applies ointment to Parineet’s feet. Guests say that it’s hard to get a husband like him.

Neeti gets hurt when hearing it. She asks him to give the ointment to him. He denies it. Biji says to Parminder that it’s bliss to see their love for each other. Gurinder says let’s start the rituals. Parineet’s Pehras were stopped. It’s a bad omen.

Sukhwinder comes there and asks Parineet what happened to her? Parineet narrates the situation to her. She asks her where her son-in-law is? Gurpreet says that he is son-in-law to both of us. Because Parineet and Neeti were sisters. Everyone takes breath in relief.

Parminder diverts everyone. Gurinder thinks that she may have escaped now. But she won’t leave them today. She remembered the way she provoked Neeti. She asked her to convince Rajeev to take Pehras with Neeti. Neeti refused it, reasoning that Rajeev was not ready to do it for Biji’s sake.

Gurinder asks her to swear on the baby, then he won’t deny her wish. Neeti gets excited and hugs her in happiness. Later, Rajeev searches for Parineet and notices her standing near the gate.

Rajeev apologizes to Parineet for getting her help when he was in trouble. Neeti was adamant about taking Pehras with her. Parineet tells him it’s a risky one because both mom and Biji are there. Rajeev tells her that Neeti swore on her baby.

Parineet explained the situation to him. He worries about his baby. Parineet wishes to fulfil Neeti’s wish. We shouldn’t deny her wish for Lohri. She assures him to take Biji and mom from there for 15 minutes. Rajeev tells her that he won’t forget her help.

Parineet thinks that she is doing everything out of love. Rajeev thinks that it’s her first lohri but she is sacrificing her happiness for him. Later, Biji talks with relatives.

Parineet calls Biji to go inside. She shouldn’t spend time out in this cold weather. It’s not good for her health. Biji refuses to go with her. She assures her that she is feeling better outside. Parineet worries about Neeti.

Rajeev comes there and asks Biji what’s going on? Biji complaints to him that Parineet is adamant to take her inside. Rajeev tells her, the cold has increased. He advises her to wear a jacket and go outside. She nodded to her.

Rajeev wishes to take Pehras with Neeti in this situation. Simi calls Biji to play with her. Biji mocks at her and leaves. She ends up arguing with Babli. Later, Parineet tricks Gurpreet to spend time with Biji. She nodded to her. Parineet asks Rajeev to take Pehras with Neeti using this situation.

Rajeev whispers to Neeti. Let’s get Pehras together. He asks someone to take Biji inside. Neeti gets excited. Rajeev informs Gurinder about it. She is disappointed to hear it. She wants to reveal Parineeti’s truth to Biji.

Gurinder took Shakun to Rajeev and Neeti. Pariminder tells her husband that Parineet should take Biji inside to fulfill Neeti’s wish. Parineet notices them and feels broken.

Episode end

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