Parineetii 20th September 2022 Written Update: Neeti gets Panic Attack

Parineetii 20th September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Parineet saying to Rajeev that she will die. She realises that she has hallucinated him near her. She shouldn’t get his thighs again. She doesn’t wanna live. Neeti wakes up from her nightmare. The nurse inquired her what happened to her? Neeti shares with her that something is wrong. She wants to contact Parineet asap. She tries to dial her but she does not get her call. Neeti shares her fear with Neeti. The nurse reveals to her that Parineet had come to meet her but she was sleeping in medicine effect. That’s why she left from there. Neeti doubts something is fishy. She won’t go anywhere without meeting her. Meanwhile, Tai ji is adamant to meet Parineet. Chandrika shares with her that Rajeev went out to search for Parineet. Tai ji prays for Parineet but the lamp blows off in the breeze. She fears something may happen to her.

Rajeev thinks that he might have revealed all the truth to Parineet. He agreed to marry her for mom’s sake. Why did he fail to realise one day the truth would be out in front of everyone? He was a fool to play this game with both of them. He was blind in love with Neeti. That’s why he broke Parineet’s heart. He doesn’t give heed to her feelings at all. He was reminded of the way Parineet questioned him. If he is in love with Neeti, what’s the need to marry her? Rajeev thinks that she is right. He is the culprit. Meanwhile, Neeti calls Rajeev to talk with him. He says to her that he will talk with her later when he is in a good mood. Neeti demands him to talk with her, reasoning she feels lonely. She is already stressed out thinking about Parineet. Rajeev questions her. Didn’t Parineet come to meet her? Neeti shares with him that she didn’t. Rajeev tells her that he will talk with her later. Neeti asks him to give a hug to her. Rajeev asks her to stop being a child and disconnects the call. Neeti thinks that he is not with her when she needs his attention.

Rajeev thinks that he stayed far from Parineet for Neeti. Now he is staying away from Neeti for Parineet. He asks Parineet to come back to him. Later, Tai ji worries about Parineet. She fears how Parineet will stay outside in this storm? Her husband doubts may be Rajeev went near Neeti. Tai ji demands Chandrika contact Neeti and inquire her about it. Monty suggests they search for her outside. Simi mocks at them for worrying about Parineet. She adds that Parineet is a drama queen. She is making a drama with them to get their attention. She adds that Parineet changed what Tai ji made her. Tai ji slaps Simi in anger. She warns her that she will kick her out of the house the same way she did to Rajeev. She lashes out at her and leaves.

Neeti is arguing with Nurse for not sending her out. She pushes her down and is about to run out to meet Parineet. The nurse stops her and gives injections to her to control her. Neeti shares with them that she wants to meet Parineet. It’s necessary to meet her. Neeti faints down the medicine effect. Later, Rajeev reaches the temple searching for Parineet.

Rajeev prays to god to bring Parineet back to him. He inquired Priest about Parineet. He returns the phone to Rajeev and tells him that she left that phone behind. Neither she didn’t stop nor come back to get her mobile. She was in extreme pain and walked from there. Rajeev hesitated to mention him as Parineet’s husband. Rajeev thinks that he will correct everything but she wants to come back. He feels guilty for his deeds. He fears that Parineet may make some wrong decision. Tai Ji reaches there and inquires him about her. Rajeev reveals the truth to her. Tai ji lashes out at him for betraying Parineet. He broke Parineet’s heart. Her husband left there. They leave for the police station. Rajeev gets a phone call from the hospital. The nurse informs him that Neeti is getting a panic attack. She asks him to bring Parineet there, reasoning she wants to meet her. Rajeev assured them. Everyone reaches the police station to get their help to find Parineet. Rajeev gives enough details to the police.

Episode end

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