Parineetii 22nd June 2022 Written Update: Driver spot Neeti and Parineet

Parineetii 22nd June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Parineet, Relative stops her and enquires her Is she Neeti’s sister? She nods to her and leaves. Meanwhile Rajeev’s office friends are teasing him and enquires him Isn’t he happy? He lies to them that he is happy. Parineet opens the door of Rajeev and looks on. Sukhwinder hugs Neeti emotionally and gives black dot to her to take evil eyes from her. Neeti confronts her what’s bothering her she was noticing her from airport.

Sukhwinder lies to her as nothing just stressed about her marriage and tells her she only needs her happiness. Neeti assures her that she is happy. Sukhwinder adds that she only cares about her life after her dad died. She adds that Sanju wanna keep her happy always. Neeti assures her that he will make her happy always so nothing to worry.

 Later Parineet finds Rajeev’s friends are drinking in his room so she scolds them for behaving like that in such occasions. Rajeev hears Parineet voice and doubts whether she is here or not. Friends complaints that she was scolding them. Rajeev thinks that Parineet is so sweet she won’t scold others. Later Vicky family reaches on venue and noticed driver is scared of something and asks him to take care of his mood and leaves. Driver thinks that after Neeti beaten him he was like this only.

Parineet praises Neeti’s beauty and evils eyes from her. She tells her that she fulfilled her promise but not her. Neeti apologies to her that situation pressured her to get ready like this. Neeti says that someone shouldn’t put their eyes on their friendship. Parineet leaves from there for emergency purpose. Neeti enquires Priest Is it wrong to meet groom and bride before marriage. He tells her that they are not allowed to see directly. Neeti thinks about something.

Driver searches for bathroom. Parineet smells something fishy in his presence and thinks she is overthinking. Later Neeti goes to Rajeev’s room to show her look and narrates to him what did priest said. Rajeev asks her to turn and see him in mirror. She praises his idea and takes credits. Rajeev reminds Parineet and stays silent. Neeti and him are talking there Driver comes there and notice them.

Sukhwinder shows Parineet family to her. Parineet gets happy and hugs them. Gurpreet praises her decorations. Harman says that Parineet got matured. Sukhwinder shares to them that Sanju family don’t accept this marriage so Neeti plans to do this marriage secretly. Parineet whom convinced her to take care of it. Sukhwinder asks Parineet to invite Rajeev to function she calls to him. Here Rajeev asks Neeti will she forgive him if he do some mistakes. She denied it and leaves.

Parineet calls him but he hesitated to attend the call. He closes the door and attend it. Parineet invites him to attend the marriage but he denies it reasoning he has work in office. Driver notices Parineet at function and drives the car in anger. Parineet takes her family to meet Neeti there. Gurpreet praises Neeti’s beauty. She gets happy to see them there and apologize to them. Vicky comes there and praises her beauty.

Episode end

Precap: Rajeev will announce that he can’t able to marry Neeti. He will reveal his identity to everyone. They will get shock to see Rajeev there.

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