Parineetii 22nd November 2023 Written Update: Neeti gives a nod

Parineetii 22nd November 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sanju waiting outside Neeti’s house. She was surprised to see him there. He asks Sukhwinder why Neeti is crying? She asks him why he is here? Sanju tells her that Mehra arranged a 25th anniversary function. He invited him to attend it with her. She says to him that she isn’t his wife. He says that it’s a Bollywood couple’s theme. Her decision is final. She refuses to go with him. Sanju says that he thought about spending time with her. Neeti agreed to go with him. She says that she won’t stay with him much time but she decided on the theme. Sanju thanked her. Later, Mehra notices that his daughter is struggling to arrange everything. He asks her to get Parineet’s help because she is experienced in it all. Later, Sanju returns home. He informs them that Neeti agreed to go with him to attend the function. Bebe says to Sanju that she made her understand it. She said to her if she refused to go with him, then Parineet will go with him. She used her jealousy to make her accept it. She can’t see her husband attending a function with another woman. Parineet is hurt to hear it.


Parminder gets a phone call from Mrs. Mehra. She says to her that her daughter needs help with decorations. She asks her to send Parineet there. Parminder says to her that Parineet isn’t well. Parineet agrees to go there, reasoning they asked her for help for the first time. Parminder asks her to go with a condition. Parineet assures her to take care of herself. Sanju is on cloud nine. Amith comes there. Sanju expressed his happiness with him. Neeti asks Sukhwinder why she is looking at her in this way? Sukhwinder says that she is doing everything against her words. Why did she agree to go with Sanju? Neeti asks her what’s wrong with it? Bebe says that she didn’t expect her to do it. She thought she would do something to get rid of Parineet. Sukhwinder says that Parineet is already in that house as Sanju’s wife. What will she do there then?

Neeti says to her that Sanju and her family members are thinking everything is going well there. But they have no idea what she is doing there. She says that Sanju will regret giving her place to Parineet. He will kick her out of the house. Sukhwinder says that she doesn’t know what’s running on her mind. Sukhwinder asks Bebe to stay with her. She assures her. Later, Parineet discusses a theme with Parminder. Bebe says that Sanju invited Neeti here. She wanted to save Sanju’s face in front of Mehra. Neeti says that they will dress up well. They will be a perfect couple. Neeti asks Parineet to follow her behind. Parminder gets suspicious of her behaviour. Neeti hugs Sanju to make Parineet feel jealous. Parineet feels happy for them. Neeti breaks the hug after she leaves. Neeti tells him that she brought these clothes for him. She isn’t answering his question. Sanju says that she left and returned out of the blue. She says that he isn’t answering to her condition yet.

Mehra introduces Parineet to Priyanka. Parineet helps her to make the arrangements. Priyanka thanked her. Later, Mehra and his wife welcome the guests. They greet Parminder’s family. Priyanka greets Sanju and Neeti. Neeti fumes when they praise Parineet. Amith and Chandrika say their character’s names. Sanju excuses them. Neeti follows him behind. Bebe arrives there too. Priyanka praises her appearance. Sanju notices Parineet there. He asks her what she is doing here? Parineet says that Priyanka asked for her help, so she agrees to help her in return. He says that she needs rest. She often forgets that she is pregnant. Parineet assures him that she is alright. Sanju helps her to remove the dirt from Parineet’s hair. Neeti fumes at seeing it. She thinks that she shouldn’t have come here. She has to face the consequences.

Episode end

Sanju gives a fitting reply to Neeti

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