Parineetii 23rd September 2022 Written Update: Rajeev is Anxious

Parineetii 23rd September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Rajeev noticing Parineet on the road. She ignores him and walks away. Rajeev shares with her that he is aware that he had done a sin to her. He feels guilty for his deeds. Parineet asks him. Didn’t he snatch everything from her and see him seeking forgiveness from her? Rajeev tells her that Neeti is his happiness. Parineet says to him that he only cares for his happiness. What about her happiness? Rajeev assured Parineet to listen to her. But he isn’t able to leave Neeti. Parineet asks him. Didn’t he stay far from her and look down on her love? She demands him to stay far from Neeti. Then only he would realise her pain. If he regrets his deeds, then he might stay away from his love. He will realise his mistake. Rajeev asks her to stop. Monty asks Rajeev what happened to him? Rajeev realises that he was dreaming about Parineet.

Meanwhile, Mandeep asks Harman to buy a new necklace for her on Diwali. Harman worries about Parineet. He shares with Mandeep that he talked with Rajeev a few minutes before. Though she hasn’t called him yet. He feels something is wrong there. He wishes to visit Chandigarh asap. Mandeep asks him to stop worrying about her and instead think about his wife. Mandeep calls Chandrika to learn what’s going on there. Chandrika shares with her that Parineet left the home. She gets frustrated hearing it. She thinks that Parineet will return to Barnala. If she comes back, then she will create another drama here. She wishes to stop her coming to Barnala. She wakes up from her nightmare. Harman asks her what happened? She asks him to sleep instead of worrying about her. She feels relieved that it’s all a dream.

Amith goes to meet Gurinder. Chandrika stops him from trying to meet the person who betrayed Tai ji and Parineet. She complaints that she is the reason for everything. Amith tells her that he just wants to check whether she is fine or not. Gurinder asks them why are they here? Chandrika says to her they just want to check whether she is fine or not. Gurinder asks them if they care for her? Their Tai ji insulted her in front of everyone. Chandrika says that she deserved it because she was a fraud. She lied to them. Both get into an argument. Chandrika complaints that Tai ji scolded her because of her mistake. They are not complaining she got a dowry from them, but she ruined Parineet’s life. She is the reason for everything. Chandrika lashes out at her and leaves.

Rajeev reaches the hospital. He hears the nurse discussing about a girl’s dead body reaching the hospital. Rajeev gets nervous hearing it and inquired the nurse about that girl. She shares with him that she committed suicide. When they take her to hospital, she is dead. Rajeev was devastated to hear it. He reminds me of Parineet’s moments. Meanwhile, the doctor advised Tai ji to take a rest. She shares with her husband her fear. Her husband asks her to think positively. If she is positive, then they will find Parineet asap. She tells him that she believes in god. Simi brings food for her. Simi tells her that she is able to understand that she is angry with her. She is sorry for her behaviour but she can’t see her mom and can’t be hungry. She pleads with her mom to eat something. Tai ji tells her that she is not hungry. Simi adds that she will get her hunger back once Parineet returns home. Tai ji tells her that she is not hungry. Simi complaints that she is only concerned about Parineet, not anyone else. Her husband consoles Tai ji.

Rajeev gets agitated about identifying the dead body. The nurse asks him to sign for the register and mention his phone number in it. Rajeev hesitated to sign in the register. He thinks that he never thought because of his mistake Parineet lost her life. The nurse asks him to identify the dead body.

Episode end

Precap; Neeti will share with Parineet that Sanju’s parents not ready to accept her yet. She will worry about her baby. Parineet will promise to Neeti that Sanju’s family will accept her

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