Parineetii 24th June 2022 Written Update: Rajeev confess the truth to all

Parineetii 24th June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Cab driver gets disappointed because he failed to abduct groom. They plans to kidnap bride at least. They make unconscious someone mistaking her as Neeti. He thinks that groom will definitely call him to find out bride. He will demand money to him. He wraps that girl in mat and takes from there. He smirks at Rajeev and leaves from there. Sukhwinder prays that everything should go well. Gurpreet leaves to bring Bride to mandap. She informs to all that bride is missing. Just then Neeti comes there and tells her she was in bathroom.

Sukhwinder advises her to behave like girl at lest for her wedding. Priest asks Rajeev to forward his hand place Neeti hand on him. He reminds his wedding with Parineet. Neeti thanks him for wearing gunghat or else she would have wear it. Priest asks them to don’t talk while doing rituals. Neeti asks her mom where is Parineet she won’t do this marriage without her. Rajeev doubts how come she know Parineet? Later Parineet scolds the catering company that they didn’t prepare food on time. Cab driver notices her and thinks that he eyed on her first but he didn’t get a chance to abduct her. He will return back to take her. Parineet enquires them what’s inside the mat. He lies to her that juice fell on mat so Neeti asks them to remove it.

Everyone searches for Parieet there. Neeti is adamant to marry him in Parineet’s presence only. Everyone tries to make her understand it’s bad omen to get up from mandap. Neeti shouts for Parineet she hears her voice and rushes near her. Rajeev gets shock to see them hugging each other emotionally. Parineet enquires her what happened to her? Neeti tells her she was in stress. Sukhwinder shares to her that she got up from mandap. Parineet demands her to sorry to all and shares to all she is unaware of Punjabi culture. She adds that she was her cultural consultant because of that. Rajeev gets a reality check. Parineet apologizes to Sanju for went missing on time. Parineet places his hand on Neeti and make them sit on mandap. Rajeev gets devastated seeing Parineet closeness with Neeti. Meanwhile cab driver and his friends leaves from there along with the girl. They finds out that girl got exchanged.

Rajeev and Neeti gets up to exchange the garland he reminds his moments with Parineet. He hesitates to take garland and makes her wear it. Rajeev can’t able to get out of Parineet’s thought and reminds the vows he took with Parineet. Rajeev gets up and announces that he can’t able to marry her. Neeti asks her why did he prank with her? He tells her that he is not pranking. Sukhwinder pleads him to don’t do like this. He reveals his identity to all. Everyone gets shock to find Rajeev there and asks him what’s he doing here?

Parineet apologize to Neeti and tells her she doesn’t know what’s he doing here? She asks him where is Sanju? Harman stops Vicky from beating him. Everyone asks him where is Sanju? Neeti reveals to all he is Sanju. Rajveer kneels in front of Parineet and tells her he is both Rajveer and Sanju. He reveals to Neeti that he got married to Parineet first and how did he fell for Neeti. He explains to them that he wanna rescue her from Rakesh that’s why he married to her to save her from him.

Parineet asks him doesn’t he happy with their marriage. He narrates to her whatever happened in past. Neeti mentions him as cheater. He apologise to Parineet for his mistake and tells her she is very good person but he don’t deserve her. He don’t wanna do more sin in his life. He apologizes to Neeti she slaps him in anger. Sukhwinder faints down in shock. Rajveer dreams this all. Cab driver returns to mandap and notices Neeti on mandap. He shares an idea with them.

Parineet brings water for Sanju. He takes water from her in tears. She feels something strange. Rajeev feels that he is in trouble. Just then water falls down shocking them. Cab driver friends that raining water will enter through this a lot. It’s better to change their dress and come back. They leaves to change the dress. Relatives are cleaning the mandap. Sukhwinder asks Gurprit to stop cleaning it. Priest asks Parineet to place this coconut near groom. She leaves to give it to him. Cab drivers stops Rajeev and make him unconscious there. They leaves him seeing Parineet there.Episode end

Precap; Neeti will ask Cab driver where is Sanju? He will reveal to him that he kidnapped him. Parineet will notice that someone trying to abduct Sanju and try to alert them. They will threaten her with knife. Neeti will harm the driver with coconut. Later can driver will hit Sanju from back.

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