Parineetii 24th October 2022 Written Update: Sanju realises his feelings for Pari!

Parineetii 24th October 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with the driver asking Parineeti not to open the door but Parineeti opens the door and jumps. Driver stops the car and sees Parineeti fallen. Driver says who will save you here? No one will save you, save her someone. Parineeti sees a stone and hits the driver. Pari starts running. Driver chases her. Pari sees another driver and asks him to help her as a brother. The driver tries to touch her inappropriately. The two driver come together and hold Parineeti’s mouth. They tie her mouth and decide to harras her. They make her sit in the cab and tie her hand. They take her. Here, Sanju feels guilty and bad for Pari and what he did with Pari. He then decides not to feel so and thinks to focus on baby. He thinks Pari didn’t think of her and revealed her real face infront of everyone.

One part of Sanju’s mind says Pari is the victim not you, you didn’t leave any option with Pari, what she will do seeing her husband and best friend together, she just took the decision today but it was his fault only, he ruined two lives and now his baby will also suffer the curse. Sanju thinks I am trying to make things right and now my mom and Neeti are happy. His mind says what about Pari? You are feeling bad for her but why? Monty comes and Sanju asks him to go. Monty says what help do you need from me? Sanju says I am feeling guilty about Pari and how she left. Monty feels Sanju always attracts all kinds of problem. Monty tries to calm him and asks him to keep himself busy so that his mind is occupied.

The driver tease and touch her inappropriately. Pari prays to god and thinks why this is happening to her. Driver gets a call so he asks the other driver to keep the cab aside. Driver goes out and talks while the other one keep her. Dalel says you will become my Pari, I love you so much, don’t be scared from me please. Pari cries and asks for help. The other driver says something about deal of 4 lakh. He calls the other driver to come out. He informs him about his deal and how he has to go. Dalel asks what is this job? The driver says I sold a girl and got this. Dalel thinks of Pari and says if I sell a girl how much can you give me? The driver says 4 lakh.

Dalel thinks to get someone else and let’s get rich. Dalel asks the driver to get the price of Pari. The driver says Pari is very beautiful she might be very pricy. Dalel dreams of the time when he will get money. Neeti doesn’t find Sanju so she thinks to call him. Neeti sees Pari’s missed call but thinks to not call right now as it’s late. Neeti hopes Pari and Rajeev spend good time together. Neeti thinks Pari shouldn’t think of Rajeev so much who is cheating her. Neeti thinks if Sanju had done this then I would have killed him. Neeti thinks I am lucky to get someone like Sanju. Neeti decides to go and see him.

Sanju shares with Monty that I am having so much guilt even after Neeti being back, she was in so good mood but I worried for just Pari only, I am feeling empty after Pari left, I married her without my desire still realising how much she gave to me I am feeling guilty. Sanju says all this is because of Pari’s goodness, I am feeling this, I am unable to think of anything to hate her, she gave so much of sacrifice and she gave happiness to this family, she is a giver always for others.

The drivers take Pari to another place. Monty says to Sanju that I think you are getting attracted to Pari. Sanju says it’s not true. Gurpreet and Harman worry for Pari. Gurpreet says something would have happened because of which Pari left so late at night, I don’t know why god is giving so much difficulty to Pari. Harman tries to calm Gurpreet. Gurpreet prays for Pari. Chachi is upset seeing Harman always worried for Pari. Chachi thinks Pari is always a trouble I hope she doesn’t return here. Monty tries to ask Sanju why he is feeling like this for Pari. Sanju is silent. Monty says you love both Neeti and Pari, you love Pari for her goodness. Neeti comes from back and says what are you saying?

Episode ends.

Precap – Pari is got to a shady place where there are many rich men eyeing her badly. Here, Neeti sees a bracelet of Pari with Sanju and questions him.

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