Parineetii 25th March 2024 Written Update: Neeti feels jealous

Parineetii 25th March 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Chandrika suggesting a cream to Parineet to hide her dark spots. She thanked her. Later, Sherly, Neeti and Sanju, Parineet attend the hotel auction conducted by Madhumita and her husband. Their hotel big in the auction for 500cr. Madhumita and her husband offers drinks to Parineet. She denied it. She stares at Sanju. Sherly says to Sanju that she is behaving oddly with him. He says that we don’t need to mind her. We will leave from here after this function end. Madhumita dances with her husband. She pulls Sanju to dance with her out of the blue. Parineet and Neeti dislikes it. Sanju feels uncomfortable and leaves from there. She goes behind her. Neeti thinks that Parineet already stick with Sanju. Now, Madhumita is eyeing on Sanju. What happened to him? He is not stopping her. Parineet is not stopping her either. He can’t even understand her love. She thinks that she can’t say anything to him directly but Parineet can. Later, Sanju is frustrated. Madhumita deliberately collided with him. She pretends like intoxicated. She asks him to take her to her room. She doesn’t want to feel embarrassed in front of everyone.

Meanwhile, Parineet searching for Sanju. Neeti scolds her for not stopping Madhumita from getting close with her husband. Parineet says that she is believing her husband. Neeti says that Madhumita has wrong intention to approach him. She scolds her. Later, Sanju takes Madhumita to her room. She tries to flirt with him. He warns her it’s wrong. She tried to get close with him. He pushed her down. He says that she doesn’t has a shame. She asks him, how dare he to push her? Sanju leaves from there. Meanwhile, Neeti complaints to Parineet that she isn’t taking care of her husband well. She can’t understand the way Madhumita approaching him. Parineet asks her why she is getting angry for it? If she thinking she is jealous? She is her wife. She can stop him. Sherly hears their conversation. Neeti notices him through the mirror and keeps silent. Parineet gives water to her.

Meanwhile, Sanju lashes out at Madhumita for misbehaving with him forgetting her place. He says that she didn’t think about her family is husband before approaching him. Madhumita says that she isn’t in her consciousness. She pretends like cough. She asks him to give water to her. He goes to her room. A lady hears their conversation. Madhumita asks him to give her medicine. He is searching for the medicine. She added sleeping pills in the water. She asks him to drink it. He denied it. She says that she will understand that he forgave her when he drunk it. He drink it. He feels dizzy. He asks her if she added anything in it? He asks her why she is doing like this? She pushed him on the bed. Meanwhile, Parineet feels guilty and calls Chandrika. She narrates to her what happened there. She says to her that Neeti got divorce from Sanju. She is hiding it from Neeti after she lost her memory. She feels guilty. Chandrika says that she didn’t do anything wrong.

Chandrika says that Sanju married to Parineet first. She accepted Neeti and Sanju’s relationship after she learnt he is loving her. Later he realised that he loved Parineet. Chandrika says that she shouldn’t ruin his life for Neeti again. He may marry someone else but not Neeti. Parineet thanked her. Later, Sanju asks Madhumita why she is doing it? She says that she liked him at her first sight. She brought him here for the first time. He shouldn’t have rejected her. She is going to show everyone that she has a relationship with him.

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