Parineetii 25th May 2022 Written Update: Vikram informs Rajeev about Pari’s special friend

Parineetii 25th May 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Chandrika saying where everyone went. Simi says everyone may go seeing you. Chandrika tells she is worried for Parineet. Simi says Rajeev, Monty, and Vikram are inside too. Chandrika asks why she is worried for Vikram and asks if she started liking him. Simi says she hates marriage and Vikram. They go to the tent and notice some meeting us going on. Inspector Kiran warns media people to not telecast live and asks them to telecast that the main culprit Akash’s mom is with them. Arjun takes her aside and asks what’s she doing. She tells it’s the way to divert the attention of Robbers. Media people telecast the news. Akash’s mother comes to meet Kiran.

Neeti asks Rajeev to tell him what he wants to say. Rajeev says he wants to reveal it by himself and he doesn’t want her to know it from others. Monty stops him and manages saying something. He says Rajeev to not tell Neeti about it when luck is favoring him. Akash asks where is Nurse and hero. One robber says he knows where they hid. Akash and his team go room. Pari asks why he came. Vikram tells her Neeti also came. Akash makes Neeti and Rajeev unconscious. He asks his men to keep them apart as they may fail our plan. Akash’s mother informs Kiran that the Bank founder is her husband. Inspector realises Akash and Mukesh are united in this robbery plan. She informs Arjun about it. Mukesh informs Akash that their mom is with the police. Akash tells him he has another plan to loot the bank.

The goon leaves placing Neeti in the women’s room. Pari gets worried seeing her and she sprinkles water on her face. Neeti gains consciousness and feels happy seeing her. Both hug each other. Neeti searches for Sanju. Pari says don’t worry they kept men and women in different rooms and they may keep him in a room with Vikram and Rajeev. Another goon places Rajeev in the men’s room. Vikram makes him gain consciousness. Rajeev indirectly asks where is Neetu. Monty indirectly tells him she is in the women’s room. Vikram smiles. Rajeev asks why he is smiling. Vikram says these people separated us but a special friend of Pari is here and she will teach lessons to these robbers and save Parineet so stop worrying about Parineet. Monty asks which colour dress she wore. Vikram says don’t know but she is here and will handle everything.

Parineet asks why she is seeing her in that way. Neeti says you’re more important to me than Sanju and don’t know how much I’m feeling emotional seeing you and I can do anything for you. Pari says she knows that she will come for her. Neeti says she will teach lesson to these robbers and I will stop this robbery too. Parineet says they have to think about how to escape as it’s tough to fight with them. Neeti says Sanju and Vikram will save us. Another lady asks how she will save them. Neeti says she has plan.

Episode ends.

Recap – Akash sends Neeti and Rajeev out by making them wear bomb jackets. He asks Inspector to send him gold. Police try to diffuse the bomb. Neeti feels worried for Sanju.

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