Parineetii 26th January 2023 Written Update: Neeti finds the truth

Parineetii 26th January 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Neeti following Vishal and his fiancee. Vishal makes faces noticing her. He makes his fiancee sit inside his car and drives faster. Neeti is chasing him. His fiancee notices Neeti following them. Vishal diverts her. He discusses with his fiancee about their marriage preparations. Neeti thinks that Vishal brought that dhuppatta for his girlfriend, not for Parineet. Neeti wishes to find a clue about him from the shipping mall. Meanwhile, Gurpreet tastes the street food and praises it. Parineet places her phone in that stall. She forgets to take it. Gurpreet inquires her about Gurinder and Simi’s weird behaviour. She consoles her that they are like that. She takes her shopping.

Meanwhile, Neeti returns to the shopping mall. She inquires the staff about Vishal. He refuses to give his clients details about her. She informs him that she is an air hostess. She needed his address to meet him. It’s an important matter. She tells him that she is a regular customer of this shop. He told her that it was against their rules to give their address. The manager comes there and greets Neeti. She asks him to give his address. She tells him that he was already married but he is going to marry again. She wants to stop his wedding. Neeti requests him to help her in this matter. He denies it, reasoning it will affect his business. If he makes a complaint against them. Neeti worries about Parineet. She thinks that Parineet won’t believe her. She is mad in love with him. Neeti hears the staff discussing the customer address. She finds a way to reach him. She wishes to wait for the delivery boy outside.

Parineet finishes her shopping. She finds her mobile missing in her bag. She asks her mom to wait and leaves to search for her. Neeti dials Parineet’s number but it’s not reachable. Gurpreet notices Neeti there and calls her. Gurpreet inquires her what she is doing here? She tells her that she had come to go shopping. She learns from her that Parineet lost her mobile. She went to search for her. Gurpreet notices her facial expressions. She thinks that both Parineet and Neeti are acting strangely. She doesn’t know why Parineet is sleeping in the guest room and Neeti is staying in Parineet’s house.

Neeti notices the delivery boy leaves from there. Neeti excuses Gurpreet and chases behind him. Parineet comes there. Gurpreet informs her about what happened there. Parineet leaves to search for her phone. Meanwhile, Babli helps Biji to do a massage on her hand. She asks her to marry Monty. She will make this family happy like Parineet. Babli thinks that Parineet lost her happiness here. Later, Neeti asks the driver to chase the delivery boy. She tries to call Parineet but her phone is not reachable. She calls Rajeev but he isn’t picking her call. She received a message from Rajeev that he was on the way to Bangalore. She fears how she will stop Vishal’s wedding alone? Parineet finds her phone.

Gurinder and Simi meet Biji. She inquires Biji. Did she call her? Biji lashes out at Gurinder and Simi for treating Gurpreet badly. She gave a fitting reply to them for looking down on others. Gurinder thinks that she will teach a lesson to them after she gets the properties in her name. Biji adds that Simi isn’t ready to get married but ordering others what to do or not? She says that no one will dare to marry Simi. Simi complaints that she is insulting her in front of others. Biji tells her that she is like her daughter. Meanwhile, Neeti reaches the wedding venue. Vishal orders the security to stop Neeti from entering inside the mandap. He offers money to them to stop Neeti. He thinks that his life will be a question mark if the truth comes out. Neeti pleads with the security to send her inside. Neeti threatens them and leaves. Parineet says to Gurpreet that her phone isn’t working. Neeti calls her on time.

Episode end

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