Parineetii 26th January 2024 Written Update: Sanju argues with Sukhwinder

Parineetii 26th January 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sanju asking Parineet not to cry. He assures her that he will take her out of the jail. Parineet tells him that she isn’t worrying that she is in the jail. He is believing that she didn’t do any mistakes. That’s enough. Sanju says that she shouldn’t have saved Neeti. She wouldn’t have filed this case on her then. Parineet says that she is her friend. She won’t give this complaint on her. She is aware that Parineet won’t try to harm her. The inspector says that Neeti didn’t give the complaint on her but someone else. The manager says that Parineet tried to kill Neeti. Parminder says that she won’t do it. His staff recorded it. It’s clear that she try to kill her. Sanju says that he has time to record this video but they didn’t try to save them. He asks him to call his staff. Daljeet gets nervous. Parminder notices it. Meanwhile, Gurinder and Bebe tried to meet Neeti. Sukhwinder stops them from meeting Neeti. She complaints that they are the reason for her state. Bebe argues with her. Sukhwinder complaints that she manipulated Neeti. That is why Neeti changed like this. She doesn’t want to drag anything. She asks her to leave from there.

Gurinder says to her that she is thinking Sanju and Gurinder are responsible for her condition. Then she is cutting all her relationship with Neeti. She asks her to keep Neeti in her place. Sukhwinder asks Bebe to leave from there. Sukhwinder thinks that she won’t allow anyone to harm her Neeti. She can handle her. Meanwhile, the manager is accusing that Parineet tried to kill Neeti. Chandrika says that he is saying what he understood in it. It’s not the truth actually. The inspector asks them to call the lawyer and prove her innocence. They shouldn’t argue like this here. Parminder says that Parineet won’t harm anyone then how will she try to kill her friend? Chandrika received a phone call. She informs that Amith talked with the lawyer. They are waiting outside. Chandrika leaves from there. Amith narrates the situation with her. Chandrika tells him that she is trying to make them understand that Neeti is responsible for it all. She is trying to hurt Parineet. They are not believing her and showing pity on Neeti reasoning her destiny. Amith consoles her.

Daljeet talks with the manager. The manager says to him that he couldn’t find any footage of Parineet trying to kill Neeti. She didn’t do anything like that. If he give the original footage to the police then it’s favour to her. Daljeet gives money to him. Someone watched him from far. Sanju is waiting Parineet’s tears. He says that he will bring her out. He says that she looks pretty while smiling. She gets emotional. He asks her to take care of herself. The inspector says that his timing is over. Sanju leaves from there. Vivan calls him. He tells him that he heard about the arrest. Sanju tells him that he will definitely bring Parineet out of the jail. He appreciates him for got such a life partner. Meanwhile, Sanju reaches to the hospital. He thinks that Neeti is taking rest after send his Parineet to the jail. Sukhwinder stops him from meeting Neeti.

Sukhwinder asks him what he want after punished her daughter? She lost everything. Nothing is in her hand. She blames him for betraying her. She asks him to let her live her life. Sanju says that Neeti was responsible for her situation. Neeti ruined everything. Sukhwinder says that he is blaming her now. The truth won’t change. He didn’t try to make her understand the situation but left her. Sanju says that he tried it 1000 times. She insulted his family and tried to kill Parineet manytimes. She even tried to kill her baby. Sukhwinder says that he is also mistake. She won’t accept him. He says that he won’t accept her either. She gave a fake complaint on Parineet. Sukhwinder says that she will reveal the truth to him.

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Evidence is against Parineet

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