Parineetii 26th May 2022 Written Update: Akash demands Rajeev to bring gold to save Parineet

Parineetii 26th May 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Neeti asking them to wait and watch to know her plan. Vikram tells I know she will plan something for sure. Vikram and others search for a way to escape. Rajeev thanks Monty for stopping him on time otherwise she may never forgive me as she is not selfish like me. Monty says you love her so much. Rajeev says he become what’s now because of Neeti and I understood that life is unpredictable because of this incident and I will marry Neeti this week itself once we get saved from this bank robbery. Akash tells Shilpi to send Rajeev and Neeti outside making them wear the bomb jacket and they will get gold suitcases.

Akash calls Inspector Kiran. Kiran tells him they traced his plan and your brother is arrested and we will kill him if you do anything wrong with hostages. Akash agrees and demands her to give gold to the people they sent out and we will leave hostages once we move out from here safely. Shilpi takes Neeti with her. Pari protested to stop her but she couldn’t. Another Robber takes out Rajeev. Akash asks his men to bring Parineet too, Rajeev and Neeti return if we held at her our gunpoint.

Simi and Chandrika feel tensed. Inspector says all gold can’t be transmitted in one move so it will be happening in 2 times and you have to release Doctor and other hostages. Akash asks her to arrange the vehicles for them. Akash asks Shilpi to remove the bomb jacket of Neeti saying he doesn’t want to waste both of them at the same time. Shilpi takes out Neeti. Akash warns to kill Parineet if Rajeev over smart them. He tells they have only 5 minutes. Neeti and Rajeev run out. Neeti says they have to fail the robbers’ plan. They run to the police. Neeti informs them about the bomb. A bomb squad person diffuses the bomb.

Neet hugs him happily. Inspector asks them to tell details. Neeti tells them the details. Kiran says they can use them against robbers. Rajeev says they may kill one person if they didn’t go inside. Arjun says one life does not matter when they are saving others. Rajeev asks how can you say in this way, she is wife. Arjun asks if she is his wife. Akash says they may diffuse the bomb. Shilpi asks why he makes him wear the bomb if he knows they will diffuse it. Akash says Police has to know that we have bombs too.

Neeti says he is my fiancee. Rajeev says that girl looks like recently married so it’s not good to risk her life. Akash reveals to Parineet that they sent Rajeev out. Doctor comes out from the rope. She informs Kiran about it. Arjun and Kiran plan to start their mission. Rajeev tells them they will go inside to save the girl’s life and request them for 5minutes. Kiran agrees and sends them with gold briefcases. Rajeev sees Parineet and feels scared thinking Parineet and Neeti may see each other.

Episode ends.

Precap – Akash demands a helicopter to escape from the bank. Police start their mission.

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