Parineetii 26th November 2023 Written Update: Sanju gives a fitting reply to Neeti

Parineetii 26th November 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Neeti saying to Parineet that Rakesh was madly in love with her. Today her husband state is also like him. Tao ji asks Neeti to stop it. Neeti says that he cares for her. She can understand that much. She considered Parineet as her best friend. But she realised that Parineet is bad omen in her life. She ruined everything in her life. Nothing is left in her life now. Neeti says that Parineet will also lose everything in her life. Parineet killed her baby. Her baby is no more. She says that Parineet will also lose her baby. Parineet shouts on her and ask her to come back to her sense. Neeti says that she is in her sense. Whatever she did to her. She doesn’t want to see her face. Neeti leaves from there. Parineet leaves from there in tears. Sanju feels heartbroken. Parineet recalls Neeti’s hate for her. Neeti is driving the car faster while recalling Sanju’s closeness with Parineet.


Parminder worries about Parineet. Bebe is happy to see her state. Parminder asks Parineet to get up and stop crying. Mrs. Mehra asks Parineet not to take Neeti’s words to her heart. No one will judge her here. Priyanka says that she didn’t break anyone’s heart. Chandrika says that she is right. Bebe says that everyone witnessed what happened here. She knew well whatever happened to Neeti is not right. They knew who is wrong here? She says that Parminder don’t agree to her words always. She is aware who is wrong here. Parminder says that Parineet did everything for our family. She isn’t wrong at all. Chandrika says that even Neeti is aware that she did everything for her better. Neeti returns to that place. Neeti says to Sanju that his past affecting her present. Sanju asks her to stop this drama. What she want from him? He loves her a lot. He wants to take her back to home. He is ready to do anything for her.

Neeti says that she needs his love. He isn’t same Sanju. Sanju says that he is same Sanju of hers. She says that he will do anything for her but he is changed. He is doing everything for Parineet now. Sanju says that he was ready to do anything for her. Neeti says that she needs her old Sanju. Sanju says that it’s not possible. He wasn’t a good person before. He used to lie a lot. But he is getting a better person for Parineet. Neeti says that she doesn’t like this Sanju. She needs her old Sanju. Parineet snatched Sanju from her. Sanju asks Neeti to understand that Parineet is her childhood friend and her sister. Neeti says that he is giving importance to Parineet than his wife. She understands that he is a betrayer. She never saw a person like him in her life. Later, Parineet hugs Parminder and cries. Parminder asks Parineet why she is hiding? She isn’t wrong at all. A guest says that she was wrong. It’s sin to snatch her sister’s husband.

Parminder asks him not to say anything against Parineet. They don’t know anything about Parineet that is why they are blaming her. She is her daughter. She never committed any mistakes. Neeti says that she trusted her a lot but she broke her trust. Parminder asks Neeti to stop her drama. She already crossed her limit. She committed many mistakes too. Neeti says that she always shows partiality between them. Chandrika asks her to calm down. She asks her to shut up. Tao ji and Amith requests her to stop it. Neeti complaints that they didn’t considered her as their family. They always takes Parineet’s side. Parminder says that it’s not right to create a scene in someone’s house. Neeti pushes her away. Sanju glares at her. Neeti says that Parineet is happy because she projected her wrong here. Neeti mentions Parineet as characterless. Sanju shouts on her to stop. Sanju says that he will talk hereafter. He stands beside Parineet and holds her hand. Sanju says that Neeti may given the introduction of Parineet but she didn’t said that Parineet is his wife.

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Sukhwinder slaps Sanju

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