Parineetii 27th June 2022 Written Update: Rajeev is anxious

Parineetii 27th June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Driver ties Neeti’s hand and leg. Cab driver demands his friends to check wheather someone coming or not? His friends questions him what’s he up to? They are cab drivers not goons to do this all. If they get caught they will end up in jail. Cab driver friends starts argue with each other. Cab driver assures them that he wanna ruin their face that’s it. Cab driver adds that after that wanna get Parineet reasoning he done this all for her.

When he tried to approach her they crossed his way. He demands him friends to steal costly things from here to fool police that they are thief. He shares his plans with his friends. His friends gets confused with his plans. He ordered them to listen him. Vicky and Parineet comes there and doubts whose voice is this? Cab driver and his friends gets alert there. Parineet notices Neeti is tied up there. She asks her brother to go near Sanju and she alerts Neeti. She tries to open the door.

Vickram notices Sanju on floor and tries to reach near him but cab drivers attacks him. He fights with him. Parineet saves Neeti and assures her that Vicky went to save Sanju. Neeti opens the door there. Cab driver caughts Parineet and tells her he came here to take Parineet from here. Neeti saves her and ask her to wake Sanju. Cab driver shoots there and warns them to stay away from them. Later Relatives gets shock to hear the gun sound. They doubts from where this sound came? Cab driver friends comes there taking Parineet, Neeti and Sanju. Relatives pleads with them to leave them.

Neeti gets angry and lashed out at them provoking Driver anger. He threatens them to shut her mouth or else he will shoot her family. Neeti gets angry on him and ask him why did they left him? He adds that he left them for Parineet reasoning he loves her. Rajeev gets angry hearing it likewise Vicky too. Rajeev thinks that he will do anything for Parineet because he loves her. Cab driver holds Parineet’s hand Rajeev holds his hand tighter in anger.

Cab driver demands relatives to give jewels to him. Gurpreet removes her jewels and gives it to him in fear. He demands more to them. They released Parineet and demands her to remove the jewels. She gives everything but he demands her to give her ring. She pleads with him to please leave it reasoning its her dad’s last memory. Rajeev gets angry and starts to beat the cab driver. His friends rushes behind him but Vicky and Harman joins with Rajeev to beat them. Gurpreet beats the person whom misbehaves with Neeti. Rajeev breaks the hand of the person whom stoled Parineet’s ring and takes it back from him forcefully. He reminds how did Parineet pleads to him. Rajeev tries to hide his face from Vicky.

Police arrives there and arrest them. Police demands trio to accompany them to police station to resister an FIR. Vicky demands Rajveer to unveil his face to all. Neeti denies it reasoning priest asked him to don’t do it. Priest tells him no problem they wanna start the rituals again so it’s unnecessary to keep it. Gurpreet stop Rajveer from remove it. She adds that already many things went wrong so no need to remove it. Gurpreet assures to Police that they will accompany him to register complaint. They informs to Parineet and leaves. Neeti leaves to correct her makeup.

Episode end

Precap; Rajeev’s friends will tell him that even god trying to stop his wedding. Still he have time so he can leave from here stopping this wedding. Simi will doubt whose friend marriage to bring this much consequence? Rajeev will meet Parineet there. Relative will tell Sukhwinder that her daughter horoscope seems wrong. Neeti will see Parineet and Rajeev being close and confront them.

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