Parineetii 27th March 2024 Written Update: Madhumita’s dirty plan

Parineetii 27th March 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with the inspector asking Madhumita to reveal him what actually happened there? Madhumita says that she was sharing about her married life with him in the corridor. He tried to misbehave with her. She said to him that she was married. He was in an intoxicated state. He pushed her into the room and molested her. Neeti scolds her. Madhumita says that she isn’t safe here. Sanju’s family are accusing her. Parineet says that she is lying. Sanju didn’t do anything like that. Aluwa threatens them. Parineet says that she is his wife. He won’t play with another woman dignity. She wanted to trap him. He can inquire him once he gained his consciousness. Neeti says that Sanju won’t do like that. She is lying. Someone misbehaved with her. Madhumita pretends like innocent and says to her husband that she wants to leave. Tao ji asks the inspector to leave him. He says that they have to bring a lawyer to take him out. Sanju gained his consciousness. He asks them what happened to him? Why he is in the jail? The inspector stops his family from meeting him. The inspector says that he molested a married woman.

Sanju says that he is innocent. He don’t remember anything. He asks him to believe him. The inspector says that he won’t trust him. He married two girls and betrayed them. Later, Monty and Tao ji are talking with the lawyer. He says that it’s impossible to bring him out. Madhumita is a well reputed family girl. Why did he molested her. They have to pray to the god to change her mind to withdraw the case. Monty says that Madhumita gave a false allegation on him. If she framed him, it won’t turns true. Monty says that he will find a famous lawyer to fight for Sanju. Later, Parineet tried to talk with Madhumita. Aluwa says that he won’t allow her to talk with them. Parineet says that he is punishing an innocent person. His wife is framing him. Aluwa says that if she asks him to trust Sanju over his wife. He can’t break his family to save her family. He will be punished for his deeds. Parineet says that he can’t punish an innocent person. The truth will definitely come out.

Parineet takes the permission to meet Sanju. He denied it. Parineet argues with the inspector and meets Sanju. Madhumita thinks that Parineet talking much but she can’t prove anything against her. Sanju tells her that he is innocent. He didn’t do anything. Parineet says that she is believing him. His family is with him. She is aware that he is innocent. Neeti thinks that always Parineet won. She will win this time and get back Sanju. She will prove that she is best to him. The inspector says to Madhumita that media is out. They have to leave early. Madhumita excuses them to use the washroom. Meanwhile, Parminder worrying about Sanju. Bebe feels happy to see the current situation. She tried to provoke her against Sanju. Chandrika supports Sanju. Amith says that Tao ji isn’t attending the call. Chandrika says that they are on the way it seems. Later, Madhumita is laughing inside the bathroom. She appreciates herself for trapped Sanju in her plan.

Madhumita says that Sanju’s family are doing lots of drama. She mocks Parineet’s love for Sanju. She thinks that everyone will blacken his face. Everyone going to humiliate him. He can’t get out of this incident. She laughs devilishly. Her husband comes there. She acts like innocent there. She lies to him that she wanted to forget this incident but she couldn’t. He assures her to punish him. Madhumita thinks that it’s easy to fool him. Meanwhile, Sanju says to Parineet that he feels weirdly. She made false allegation on him. But Parineet is with him. He feels guilty. Parineet asks him if he remembers the vows they take together. She can’t leave him alone in any situation. Whatever the situation, she will face it first and save him from it. Sanju holds her hand and kissed it.

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Precap; Neeti argues with Madhumita

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