Parineetii 27th May 2022 Written Update: Akash demands Rajeev to bring gold to save Parineet

Parineetii 27th May 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Akash collecting gold boxes from Neeti and Rajeev. Then They cover Neeti, Parineet, and Vikram’s faces with black max. Akash and his team feel happy seeing Gold. He calls Inspector Kiran. She tells him she arranged a car for them. Akash demands her to arrange the helicopter to save the hostages. Kiran asks him to give them some time to arrange a helicopter and disconnect the call. Arjun questions her why she agreed to his demand. She tells him they are going to attack the robbers.

Shilpi catches one of the hostages. She ties everyone with rope. They hear the footsteps sound and find police double crossed them. Vikram passes collected powder and things to men to escape from the robbers. Abhay and Parminder reach the bank. Par minder asks what’s happening. Simi shows how police are planning to attack the bank. Robbers close everyone’s eyes with masks. Akash keeps the hostages near the main door. Shilpi asks why he does it. He tells her police will feel bad knowing they killed the hostages. Vikram hears it and alerts everyone to move to another side. They move. Arjun and his team enter the bank by shooting the main door. Shilpi and Akash surround the hostages. They threaten police saying they will kill hostages if they won’t leave the bank. Police leave from there.

Robbers plan to escape with gold using hostages as their protection. They come out of the bank. Vikram slowly asks hostages to throw powder in the robber’s eyes. Everyone does it. Police save the hostages. Parminder feels happy seeing Rajeev. He goes aside to attend the call. Simi asks Vikram if he is fine. He tells her he is fine. Rajeev calls Neeti. Neeti tells him that she is going to the station to give her statement as she is the one who saw them first. Then Neeti calls Parineet and tells her about the same. She asks Parineet to come home. She agrees. Police arrested the robbers.

Arjun praises Kiran’s way of dealing and appreciates her. Parminder returns home with her family. Vikram wants to leave but She asks Vikram to leave after drinking tea. Vikram leaves after having tea. Chandrika tells Pari how bravely Vikram saved everyone. Parminder tells Rajeev that she planned pooja for them. She asks him to get freshen up. Rajeev apologises to Parineet. Parineet thanks him at the same time. She says why he apologised to get it as she found that he risked his life to save her. She applies lotion to his wound which hurts him. Pari blows air to make him feel better. He thinks Parineet is good but her fate is bad and I’m not good as she is expecting.

Episode ends.

Precap – Vikram asks Neeti to show him Sanju’s photo. Rajeev proposes Neeti to marry him quickly. Neeti agrees.

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