Parineetii 27th November 2023 Written Update: Sanju gives a fitting reply to Neeti

Parineetii 27th November 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sanju saying to the guest that Neeti introduced Parineet to everyone. But she may didn’t revealed to them this. Parineet used to give importance to others happiness than hers. Neeti says that it’s important to him? Sanju asks her to shut up. He isn’t talking with her. Neeti says that he is giving pain to her. Sanju says that she is giving pain to them. She doesn’t care about it. Neeti argues with him. Neeti says that everyone is good according to him. She says that Parineet is a characterless girl. Sanju says that she isn’t characterless girl. She is his wife. He married Parineet before Neeti. Neeti is shocked to hear it. She is speechless there. If anyone tries to insult Parineet then he will break their mouth. Neeti says that she is aware he loves Parineet more than her. She leaves from there. Mehra asks him if Parineet is his wife? Sanju admits that Parineet is his wife. Parineet recalls her wedding moments with him. Sanju hugs Parineet in front of everyone to console her.


Neeti returns to home. Sukhwinder asks her what happened to her? Bebe says that it’s a mess. Neeti asks her not to reveal anything to her. She will be broken after hearing it. Neeti says that she is getting angry on Sanju not with Parineet. Neeti says that she thought to support Sanju in the function but Parineet was there before her. She was wearing the same outfit of hers. In the couple’s game Parineet proved that she knew Sanju better than her. She vented out all her anger on Parineet. Sanju announced in front of everyone that Parineet is his wife. Bebe provokes her against Sanju. Sukhwinder says that Bajwa family have to answer them for it. Meanwhile, Gurinder noticed everyone is upset. She asks them what happened there? Parminder asks her to leave it. Chandrika says that it was a mess in that party.

Sanju says that Neeti created a scene in the party. She insulted our family. Gurinder says that she can’t believe that Sanju is saying it all about Neeti. She is aware Parineet is the reason behind it all. She asks her what she want? She is ready to give everything to her. She is projecting herself as an innocent. Neeti is the daughter-in-law of this house. She says that Sanju is wrong. Chandrika says that she is blindly trusting Neeti. She asks her to think logically who is right or wrong? Sukhwinder mentions Parineet as a demon. She says that Sanju mentioned Parineet as his wife. Then who is Neeti to him? Gurinder is shocked to hear it. Sanju says that he married Parineet. He didn’t lied. Sukhwinder slaps him. She asks him what will Neeti think about it? Sanju says that he doesn’t care about it. After this much happened he doesn’t want to bring Neeti back to home. Parineet feels dizzy. Parminder asks Chandrika to take her inside. She is tired. Sanju says to Sukhwinder that she is like his mom so she can slap him. But she might teach Neeti what is right or wrong? Sukhwinder asks him if he is right? Parminder says that he is right. Sukhwinder says that Parineet manipulated everyone here. She cursed Parineet and Parminder.

Parineet recalls Neeti’s words and gets emotional. Chandrika consoles her. Sanju brings water for her. He apologized to her for whatever happened in the party. Parineet tells him that she doesn’t need anything. Chandrika says that if she say anything then it will hurt her. After this much happened how could she ask them to love Neeti. She allowed her to behave like this. Tao ji gives a reality check to Sukhwinder. She isn’t ready to accept Neeti’s mistake. She is blaming Sanju and Parineet. Parminder says to her that she lost the hope that she can understand the truth. According to her Neeti is right. Neeti says to Bebe that Sanju showed his feelings for Parineet today. Bebe asks her to fight for her rights.

Episode end

Neeti is determined to punish Sanju

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