Parineetii 28th October 2022 Written Update: Neeti is anxious

Parineetii 28th October 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Neeti dialing back to the number. Parineet gets emotional seeing Neeti’s number. She attend the call. Neeti inquires her why is she calling her from another number? Her number is not reachable. Parineet says to her that her life is in danger. When she left her house few goons kidnapped her. She pleads with her to reach near her. Neeti assures to reach near her. Neeti asks her to say where is she? Parineet tells her that she doesn’t know anything about it. She mentions one boutique name to her. Neeti says to her, that bouquet is famous many branches are there. She demands her to share location to her. Parineet tells her that Kamala will find out about it. Neeti asks her to delete it.

Parineet noticed that her phone is switched off. Parineet gets anxious. Neeti thinks that Parineet isn’t sharing location to her. She fears that they catch her. Later, one of prostituion head demands the girls to maintain their figure. One business man needs a fresh girl. She doesn’t know who is that lucky girl? She advise them how to behave. Parineet returns near them. she inquire her why did she take this much time? Parineet lies to her that water isn’t coming. That is why she takes little time. She adds that Parineet sold for more money that doesn’t mean she will get VIP treatment here. She searched for Kamala’s mobile. Parineet hides it under her clothes.

Rajeev tries to be romantic with Neeti. She tells him that she doesn’t have time to romance with him. Parineet’s life is in danger. He asks her what happened to Parineet? She says to him that someone kidnapped her. She said to her she noticed some boutique near by. Rajeev tells her that many boutique are here in same name. Neeti says that she doesn’t care about it. She wants to find out Parineet that’s enough. May be her husband Rajeev is foolish not to realise her value. But she is important to her. He asks her to stop taking his topic and explain him what actually happened? Did she heard any sound while talking with her? She says to him that she heard train sound. Rajeev says to her that he went to attend meeting near by jungle.

There was an train track , he noticed few girls were behaving strange to passengers. He heard that they were selling girls there. Neeti says to him that she said to her they were trying to sell her. She wants to do something. Rajeev asks her to stay in home he will find her out. Neeti denied it reasoning Parineet is important to her than anything. She won’t sit quite when she is in danger. Rajeev takes her with him. Later, leader asks everyone to give pose to her. Parineet asks someone to help her to pin her dhuppatta. Both are discussing about the phone call. Parineet tells her that she informed her friend about it. She will reach here asap. Another one says to Parineet that she wants to go back to her parents. She asks Parineet Is she married? Parineet thinks that because of Rajeev she is in this state today.

Harman worries about Parineet. He wishes to visit Parineet’s In law’s once. Gurpreet stops him by saying Gurinder will misunderstands them. Mandeep suggests them to go to police station. Gurpreet denied it reasoning police will inquire Parineet’s in-laws first. They will ruin their family reputation. Mandeep thinks that because of Parineet her son went to jail. But she doesn’t care about it. Later, Shalini threatens the girls to don’t open their mouth in front of customers. She threatens them by pointing gun at them. She specially warns Parineet to behave herself. Parineet thinks that they won’t leave her if they find out mobile in her hand. She wishes to throw phone away before someone notice her. Shalini stops her Parineet thinks that they find out the truth. But she do make up to her. The cab driver says to her that he brought her here. She gives extra money to him and demands him to keep an eye on her. Later, Neeti demands Rajeev to drive faster. She complaints that he is driving slow. Neeti gets frustrated with his attitude. She starts driving. He asks her to drive slow she is pregnant. She tells him that he isn’t understanding her situation. If something happen to Parineet than she won’t leave them.

Episode end.

Precap; Neeti will alert Rajeev that Parineet is in that car. Neeti will stop the car using short cut. Shalini will think that she won’t leave the person who block her. Rajeev and Neeti will throw sand on their eyes. They will save the girls. Rajeev will hug Parineet emotionally. Neeti will get shocked to see them together

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