Parineetii 29th August 2022 Written Update: Parineet is apprehensive

Parineetii 29th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Rajeev asks doctor to call senior doctor and do surgery to Neeti. Save his wife at any cost. Rajeev says that Neeti is his life there love is not week. He loves her a lot so nothing will happen to her. He will be with her life long. Parineet is devasted hearing it. Rajeev reminds Neeti’s cute moments. Parineet faints there. Meanwhile Sehar opens the car door. Mandeep thinks that she might keep quit and think a plan to do something. Sehar asks her to sit like this. Rakesh asks him Is she gonna save Neeti from him? Look at her state now? He is determined to kill Neeti and take Parineet from there.

Meanwhile nurse helps Parineet to ger her conscious. She reminds Rajeev’s words. They takes Parineet from her but Rajeev fails to notice her crossing him. Later Rakesh asks Sehar Is Compounder finished his job or not? Here Neeti’s life over and another side Parineet will be inside jail life long for drug smuggling case. Compounder comes there and informs him that their plan was over. Neeti lost many blood. But her husband came there he signed in form. Operation going on for her. Rakesh slaps him for not confirmed whether she died or not? Mandeep thinks how are they beating him? She fears they will beat her too. She decided to apologize to them. Rakesh says to Sehar that he wanna do something.

Meanwhile Nurse asks Parineet to check her BP. She tells her that she may be worrying for her friend nothing will happen to her. Parineet reminds hee moments with Rajeev and cries her heart out. She connected all the moments with Neeti. She keeps recalled how did Rajeev mentioned Neeti as his love and wife. Meanwhile Rajeev thinks that he never felt like this in his life. He feels like his life is nothing without her. He is ready to do anything for his love. Nurse asks him to give his ID proof in reception to proceed the operation or else operation will be delayed. Rajeev leaves from there. Parineet comes out and enquires Nurse about Neeti’s condition? Nurse informs to her that they tried their best to save her. They called another doctor to help them to do this surgery. Hereafter everything is on god’s hand. Parineet prays god to give all sufferings to her but save Neeti.

Rajeev gets a call from Monty. He informs to him that Neeti met with an accident. Doctor is not giving any guarantee to him. He demands him to accompany him. Monty assures him that he will reach there after drop dhadhi in home. He asks him why did she coming now? He says to her that she came to attend anniversary. He asks him to manage the situation there he can’t able to come there leaving Neeti behind. Meanwhile Parineet enquires nurse when will senior doctor will come? She tells her he is on the way. She asks Parineet to give the form to Neeti’s husband. She notices Sanju’s name in it and thinks both are same. She reminds how did she performed her husbend marriage with her friend? She thinks that she done a mistake.

Rajeev hallucinate Neeti near him. He says to her that he didn’t shared one truth to her. Neeti asked him what’s it? Rajeev said to her that she is his everything. Sanju is nothing without Neeti. He asked her to work in his office because he wanna see her always. He was stuck in some important thing that’s why he forget about her. He really miss her and love her. Neeti says to him she is always with him. She will love him lifelong. But now she is leaving. Rajeev asks her what will he do without her? He will die without her. Later Parineet comes near god. She asks god to say what’s this all? She is still believing in god even after her father left her. She can’t able to accept it all. Rajeev’s betrayal and Neeti’s condition. Is this their destiny?
Parineet asks god what’s her mistake? God betrayed her like this?

Episode end

Precap; Doctor will ask Nurse to check the monitor. Parineet will say to god that she don’t need anything but Neeti wanna come back to her. She will ready to sacrifice her happiness for her. She will do pooja for her Doctor will inform to Rajeev that Neeti is no more.

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