Parineetii 29th March 2024 Written Update: Parineet suspects Madhulika

Parineetii 29th March 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Parminder requesting the inspector to give the permission to meet Sanju. He asks them to stay away from such person. Parminder says that it’s his duty to find out the truth. He shouldn’t blame him without inquiring anything. The inspector says that he molested Madhulika. He registered the complaint. Parminder says that he accepted the case without a proper investigation. They didn’t even take the medical test to her. It’s unfair. If he do the same process when his family members are affected. The inspector complaints that he didn’t raised his children in this way. Parminder argues with them. He says that whole family are doing drama. Chandrika asks Parminder to calm down. The lawyer is not ready to take the case. Parminder notices Parineet is in upset. She consoles her. Parineet says that Sanju is trapped here. Madhulika is not ready to withdraw the case. If she gives a statement against Sanju in the court then he can’t come out of the jail.

Parminder asks her not to give up like this. She shouldn’t lose her confidence. She is the pillar of their family. She asks her to be brave. Parineet says that she is right. She has to motivate Sanju. He needs her support. It’s a lie. The truth will definitely come out. Parminder motivates her. Neeti hears it and get frustrated. Neeti thinks that Parineet isn’t Sanju’s wife. She snatched him from her. She won’t forgive her. She will definitely bring him out. Sherly comes there. He says to Neeti that no one is ready to accept the case. Neeti asks him what was their problems? It’s their duty to fight for the truth. Sherly asks her why she is getting hyper? Neeti tells him that Sanju is not wrong here. She can’t take it. She gets down from the car. Sherly thinks that she is behaving like she is his wife. Meanwhile, Sanju asks Parineet if she find a lawyer to take him out? He says that he deserved this punishment. He betrayed Parineet and Neeti. He thought to hide the truth from them. He is paying for his deeds. God is watching it all.

Parineet assures Sanju that she is with him. His family is trusting him. Neeti is also trying to find a lawyer. Sanju says that he doesn’t know why did Madhulika trapped him in it? Parineet tells him that she can’t understand it too. Her husband has more money then him. Sanju says that he don’t have any enemy outside. Parineet assures him to take out in bail. She thinks that she has to find a way to take him out. All the way is blocked in front of her. Parineet motivates Sanju. Sanju tells her that she is an angel. He feels better after he talked with her. Parminder is right when Parineet is there, everything will be alright. Later, Parineet trying to find a lawyer. She gets frustrated when everyone backed off. Neeti comes there. She says to Parineet that she find out a lawyer. Parineet hugs her and says that she helped her at a right time. Neeti thinks that she did it for her Sanju. Later, Parinee waits for Neeti but notices Madhulika talking with someone on the phone happily. Parineet gets suspicious seeing her talking happily. Madhulika says to someone that she will do a party after Sanju was punished. Parineet thinks that she was right. Sanju is innocent. She trapped him in it. She wouldn’t have talked about the party if something happens to her.

Parineet says to Madhulika that she lied to them. She confirmed that she trapped Sanju in her plan. She makes a false allegation on him. Why she is talking with someone happily at this time. Her husband says that she has the rights to be happy. If she expected her to cry life long. Madhulika acted like an innocent. Parineet supports Sanju. Aluwa says that he is going to face the worst. He takes Madhulika from there. Parineet thinks that Madhulika is a cunning person. Something is fishy here. She has to find the truth. Later, Neeti brings a lawyer there. She informs Parminder that he is ready to fight for Sanju. Parminder thanked him and Neeti. Neeti says that they are her family. They don’t need to thank her. Parineet introduced her in front of him. She hides about Madhulika’s truth from them. Neeti feels proud of herself. She thinks that she can enter into their family with her blessings.

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