Parineetii 2nd December 2023 Written Update: Sanju divorced Neeti

Parineetii 2nd December 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sanju asking Gurinder to stop it. Everything is over. Gurinder asks him if he loses his sense? She never thought that he will do it. Sanju says that Neeti is the reason for everything. She says that he is a understanding person. Sanju asks her not to bring Neeti’s topic again. Gurinder says that he married to Neeti in his own wish. Sanju says that why she is always asking him to adjust with her. Why Neeti is not understanding him at all. He says that it’s over between them. He asks her to accept the reality. Later, Sanju and Neeti are on the court. The judge says to them that their divorce is granted. They are lucky to get their divorce asap. Most of the couples wait for the decisions years. Neeti says that she is lucky that is why she is escaping from this life. She signs in the divorce papers. She congratulates him. Sanju sign in the divorce papers and wishes good luck to her. Meanwhile, Parineet is lost in her thoughts. Chandrika says to her that milk boiled. Parineet says that she feels something is wrong. Chandrika consoles her.


Sukhwinder waits for Neeti. She asks Neeti what happened in the court? Neeti tells her that Sanju comes for her. Sukhwinder says that she shouldn’t bring Parineet’s topic. Parineet shouldn’t stay in that house. Neeti says that Sanju signed in the divorce papers. But he will definitely come back to her. Sukhwinder says that he signed the divorce papers it means he moved on in his life. Neeti says that even she signed in the divorce papers. But she can’t able to think anything apart from Sanju in her life. Neeti says that Sanju loves her a lot. He can’t give her place to Parineet. Sukhwinder says that he has another person in his life. Meanwhile, Parineet asks Sanju what happened in the court? He says that finally he divorced Neeti. Parminder says that he showed his wedding invitation to Neeti. Parineet is carrying their baby. She can’t take the responsibility of this child. She asks Sanju to marry Parineet. She carrying their family heir.

Sanju agrees to marry Parineet. Parineet refuses to marry him. Sanju says that he will make her understand. Bebe says to Parminder that she once again proved Neeti is right. She never supported her. Gurinder says that it’s not the right decision to arrange their wedding. Parminder says that it’s the right decision. Sanju tries to convince Parineet. She isn’t ready to talk with him. Sanju says that he married to her. When she came to know the truth she gave her rights to Neeti secretly. Parineet says that because Neeti and Sanju loved each other. Sanju says that they had mutual divorce. He doesn’t have any feelings for her in his life anymore. Parminder is right. He doesn’t want to see Parineet upbring her child without a father. His child need a good mother like her. When a baby born she needs her mother. Parineet isn’t able to prove that she is a surrogacy mother. Sanju says that it’s the right decision. Meanwhile, Gurinder says to Parminder that she took a selfish decision. Her son’s family broken. She is taking advantage of his situation to unite Parineet with him.

Gurinder and Bebe accuses Parminder. Tao ji supports Parminder and gives a reality check to Gurinder. Chandrika says that Parminder tried a lot to solve the problems between Sanju and Neeti.
Parminder says that she always considered Parineet as her daughter-in-law. When Neeti came to this house she accepted her for Parineet. She doesn’t feel that it’s wrong to fix Parineet’s wedding with Sanju. She hopes Parineet will agree to marry Sanju. Parineet agrees to marry. Sanju says that Parineet wants to perform all the rasam for her wedding. Parminder asks her If she agree to marry him?
Parineet says that she is ready to marry him for her baby. Bebe stops Parineet. Parineet tells her that Neeti will be back when she comes to know about this wedding. She will realise her mistake. Later, Babli hugs Parineet and tells her that she is so happy to learn that she is going to get married. Parineet gets emotional seeing her. She is reflecting her mom. Parineet thinks that she has a reason to agree to this marriage.

Episode end

Precap; Neeti is shocked to learn Sanju going to marry Parineet

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