Parineetii 2nd July 2022 Written Update: Vicky learns the truth

Parineetii 2nd July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Monty alerts Rajveer that he might return to mandap or else Ajay will marry her. Later fortune teller tries to out thilak on Ajay but priest stop het by saying its already done. Ajay notices Parineet and thinks her husband is lucky to have her. Neeti that Saju don’t look happy to attend the wedding at all. Simi calls the security and learns from him that office closed today. Simi tells Vicky that Rajveer may with Mishika. This is the reason he didn’t attend the marriage or didn’t went to office too. Vicky asks her who is her? She adds that Mishika is a kid but no one like her in house. Vicky asks her why did she talking like this about a baby. Simi tells her that she is a head ache to all only Rajveer likes her. Vicky notices the car there.

Simi confirms that this is Monty’s car but Rajveer used to use it a lot. Vicky says that he hopes he is not betraying his sister. Later Kidnappers argues with each other for missing the kid. Mishika faints there. He advised her to call the doctor she is not waking up. She denies it. He scolds her that this kid important to them. While they arguing with each other. Mishika escapes from there and hides. They starts search for her.

Driver stops the car before warehouse. He adds that we can’t go further because kidnappers will get alert. Balwinder argues with him
Rajveer and Monty tries to make him understand the situation but he is not giving heed to them. Rajveer says that he done everything it’s all happening because of him. Balwinder says that he shouldn’t have bring her here. She is a headache to all. Rajveer complaints that she got kidnapped because of his mistake. He warns him to don’t dare to badmouth on Mishika.

Ajay fears that his marriage will finish with Neeti if he don’t come back on time. Ajay thinks that Neeti is looking beautiful he never saw her in such way. He likes Parineeti she will be perfect to wife. He thinks that he is thinking foolish. He only likes Shreya. Neeti and Ajay looks on shocked. Meanwhile Vicky and Simi reaches to warehouse. Simi says that it seems Rajveer in some problems he can’t able to share it to anyone.

Vicky and Simi argues with each other. She asks him to stop behaving like CID and watching those movies. He asks her to put her phone in silent. Chandrika calls her Simi didn’t answer to her properly. Chandrika alerts her that Someone kidnapped Mishika. Phone gets disconnected Simi alerts Vicky about it. Vicky guess that Rajveer may followed them till here to save the kid. They enters inside to help him.

Kidnappers are searching for Mishika there. Lady says that there is no chance for her to escape from here. She orders them to remove all boxes they can find her out asap. Mishika runs out from there. Kidnappers follows her behind. Meanwhile everyone gets shocked to find Shreya in unconscious state. They rushes near her to help. Meanwhile Mishika prays to god and gets inside the car.

Rajveer and his gang reaches there and hides hearing their voice. Balwinder alerts Rajveer that Mishika is here. He shows the clip to him. Kidnapper notices Mishika inside the car. Parineet and Neeti gets worry for Shreya. Shreya narrates everything to her. Kidnapper alerts his gang there. Mishika shouts for help. Rajveer notices her and runs behind her. Goons stops him.

Episode end

Precap: Fortune teller will alert Parineet that soon she will get cheated. Meanwhile Parineet will notice Sanju hugging someone else and Confront him for betraying Neeti. Ajay will explain her that she misunderstand him. Shreya will show Neeti and Rajveer’s photo to her.

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