Parineetii 2nd June 2022 Written Update: Neetii hesitates to attend Sukinder’s call

Parineetii 2nd June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Rajeev asks to Neetii what if she hurts so some for her happiness? She asks him to stop teasing her it won’t happen. She asks him Is he wanna drink coffee? He nods to her. Neetii says that he is keep worrying about that girl that’s why he can’t able to concentrate on anything! Rajeev thinks she is right he was keep thinking about Pari often. He wishes to forget about her. Latter Preethi says to Pari that her mom too said to her if Nuptial chain broken or fall down it’s bad omen. Pari denies it reasoning she talked with him over phone. She adds that he was angry on her. Pari supports him by saying she shouldn’t have called him on office time.

Sukinder checks the jewels and thinks she saved it for her daughter’s marriage. She will definitely like this all. She decided to polish all the jewels in Chandigarh. She wishes to talk about it with Pari. She calls to Neetii hesitately. Neetii gets over excited seeing her mom number and nervous to attend the call. She doubts whom gave her number to her? She guessed that Vickram gave it to her and scolds him. She fears that she wouldn’t learnt about her whereabouts? Sukinder disappointed with Neetii. Neetii calls to Vickram and lashes out at him for gave her number to her. She complaints that her mom was angry on her so she can’t able to attend her call. Vickram consoles her and makes her understand she was her mother she won’t be angry with her for long. He informs to her that her mom learnt all truth she was happy for her. Neetii gets happy hearing her mom was convinced. He requests her to attend her call next time don’t ignore her.

Sukinder calls to Pari. She asks Preethi to call driver she wanna go to office to give lunch to Rajeev. Sukinder feels bad when both Neetii and Pari didn’t attend the call. Neetii reminds Vickram’s word though she hesitates to attend her mom call and thinks she will attend it later. Rajeev comes there she shares everything to her but he makes fun with her attitude. Rajeev suggests her to invite her mom to their wedding. Neetii says that he doesn’t know about his mom character that’s why taking like this. If her mom attend this wedding her rest of the family will attend this function. Sukinder calls to Pari and informs to her that she wanna polish jewels before she gift it to Neetii but she needs her help for it. Pari adds that she is new here so she is not familiar about this place but here is many more place to do it. She shares her grief to Pari that Neetii didn’t attend her call. Pari supports Neetii and assures her that Neetii will definitely come to pick her up from Railway Station tomorrow. Sukinder cuts the call Pari wishes to solve the issues between them. Pari asks Preethi to send the lunch to his office.

Rajeev asks Neetii to select nuptial chain. He gets a phone call from office for some emergency. He excuses her and about to leave. His relatives greets him make him shocked. Neetii goes to attend Pari’s call. Sales woman informs to his relatives that he is here to buy nuptial chain for his wife. They enquire him what’s going on? He lies to them that her nuptial chain lock is not working properly so he is here to buy new one for her. Rajeev takes them from there. Neetii asks Pari to help her selecting nuptial chain she assures to her. Rajeev noticed that his relatives were talking about Neetii. He escapes from there before he get caught.

Neetii and Rajeev’s relatives are mocking each other. Neetii wishes to introduce Rajeev to them but he hides from them. She calls Rajeev and demands him to meet her immediately. Rajeev asks her to ignore negatively and advise her to come and meet him asap he wanna attend one meeting in office. Rajeev is in dilemma what to do next? Neeti and ladies are getting into arguments.

Episode end.

Precap : Neetii will remove pari’s nuptial chain and wear it. She will tell her she liked this design. One old lady will advise her to return it to Pari.

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