Parineetii 2nd June 2024 Written Update: Neeti attacks Parineet

Parineetii 2nd June 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Parineet saying to Neeti that she asked her to walk on the carpet. She pulled it from behind. She smartly hide it from others. When she came out it wasn’t there. The truth came out because she killed an innocent soul. A friend won’t do like this. She came to the hospital and tried to strangle her neck. She found the saree from her cupboard. She is the ghunghat girl. She even saw her picture from her almira. She asks her to stop this drama. Why did she do like this. Neeti admits that she did it all. Meanwhile, Sanju feels dizzy. He gets hurt. He thinks that something is bad going to happen. He asks Babli to bring Parineet here. Gurinder thinks that she isn’t in home. He won’t get engaged till he meet Parineet. Later, Neeti says to Parineet that she wanted to kill her baby when she started her surrogacy drama. She can become pregnant then why should Parineet carry her baby. She needs her baby to grow in her womb. She finds out the truth. She wanted to take her place. She learnt that she was married to Sanju already. She knew well how much she loves Sanju. That is why she tried to kill her manytimes. Parineet asks her if she acted like she lost her memory. She remembers everything. She is still hating her. Neeti says that she can’t forget her betrayal. She loved her a lot in her life once. Now she hates her to the core. She wasn’t hurt much. She convinced the doctor to lie about her memory loss.

Neeti says that it was important to her to enter into Bajwa house. Everyone hated her to the core. She is aware that when she plays a memory lose drama Parineet will become a mahan. When she came back to that house she didn’t leave from that house. She was crying daily there seeing her with Sanju. She will reveal one more truth to her. She pushed Gurinder down from the balcony. She loved Parineet a lot. Now everything is alright. Parineet is clinging to Sanju. She won’t leave from that house. She used her plan to trap her. She becomes a surrogacy mom. This baby will give back her rights in that house. She came between Sanju and him. Gurpreet went to coma because of her. She feels guilty for it. She adds that nothing is left in that house for Parineet. Once she got married to Sanju then everything will become hers. She is Sanju’s true love. Parineet says that she wasn’t married to him yet. She swears to stop her wedding with Sanju at any cost. She will reveal her truth to everyone.

Neeti attacks Parineet from behind. She faints there. Babli calls Parineet. Neeti destroys her phone. Parineet closed Neeti in her room and runs from there. Neeti threatens her to open the door. Babli searching for Parineet. Gurinder lies to Babli that Parineet is taking a rest. Parineet thinks that she might reach to the home before Neeti and reveal the truth about her. Bebe calls Neeti and scolds her for being late. She says that she is getting late for the engagement. She demands her to reach home asap. Neeti says that Parineet locked her inside the room. She asks her to stop Parineet because she finds out the truth. She learnt that she didn’t lose her memory. She finds out that she killed her baby. Neeti escapes through the window. The lawyer informs Bebe that he forgot to take a sign from them. This divorce won’t take place till they sign it. Bebe says that he shouldn’t reveal it to anyone. Sanju feels heartbroken. He wish to meet Parineet. Gurinder pretends like faint to stop him from meeting Parineet. Parineet is determined to expose Neeti. Neeti comes there and shares her grief with her. Neeti complaints that Parineet snatched her Sanju and family from her. How will she tolerate it. Why did she enters into Sanju’s life. She did everything because of her. Parineet says that she did a mistake. She was trying to kill her always. She fought with everyone for her. But she betrayed her.

Episode end

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