Parineetii 30th August 2022 Written Update: Parineet prays for Neeti’s recovery

Parineetii 30th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Nurse informing to Doctor that Neeti’s pulse going down. She asks her to keep monitoring her, she will inform Sanju about her condition. Meanwhile, Parineet asks god to save Neeti. Parineet shares to god that Sanju whom betrayed them Neeti didn’t do anything wrong wi don’t punish her. She prays god to punish her not her friend Neeti.

Sanju enquires Doctor about Neeti’s state? She reveals to him that she is not responding to their treatment. Only senior doctor can able to take her. Parineet prays god to save her friend. She doesn’t need anything else. Just bring back Neeti to her. Sanju asks Doctor why didn’t senior doctor didn’t reached here yet? She informs to him it’s storm outside that’s why he was stuck in traffic. Parineet prays to god to save Neeti. If he place his hand on her she will be alright asap. Just bless her and bring her back to her. Sanju asks god to see his Neeti’s state? If he wanna separate Neeti from him then why did he bring her near him? Why did he met her? If something happen to her then he will also die. Parineet says to god that if something happen to Neeti then she won’t leave from this place. She will stay here only without moving. She will keep pray for her recovery.

She hears Shanaya and Ajay were discussing about Sanju’s love for Neeti. Parineet thinks that Neeti may be her enemy in her relationship. But she is her friend. She will do anything for her. Sanju whom betrayed both of them. Neeti didn’t do any mistake.

Chandrika sneaked inside the house. Simi asks Chandrika where did she went in this time? Chandrika asks her why should she answer her neither she is not her husband nor Mother in law? Simi demands her to answer to her mother in law. Gurinder enquires her where did she went? Simi shows the bail paper to her. Gurinder scolds her for went out in night. She says to them she won’t forgive both of them. Chandrika reveals to her that Neeti met with an accident. Parineeti is with her whole day. She asked her to hide it from Gurinder because she don’t wanna ruin her anniversary mood.

Shanaya and Ajay comes to meet Sanju. He shares his grief to Ajay. He says to him if something happen to Neeti then he will die. Ajay consoles him that nothing will happen to her. She won’t leave him reasoning their love for each other is strong. Doctor notices Neeti’s pulse getting down. Surgery halt in the middle. Doctor says that no one can able to save her now. Parineet starts hee pooja. It’s start raining there she thinks it’s a good omen. Meanwhile, Doctor comes out and inform to Sanju that she tried her level best to save her. But she is no more. Sanju is shattered hearing it. Senior doctor also reaches there doctor informed to him he is late, she is no more. Parineet continue her pooja. Neeti mentions Parineet name. Nurse says she is still alive. Senior doctor and head doctor notices the improvement in Neeti’s health. They starts there treatment.

Meanwhile, Sanju starts crying thinking about Neeti and feels guilty for betrayed her. He repeats that he loves Neeti a lot. Parineet hears it and thinks why did he crying like that? Doctor informs to him that he is lucky Neeti came back to Alive. It’s because of someone’s prayer that’s why she survived. Doctor shares to her that senior doctor already started his treatment. She is out of danger now. Sanju thank her emotional. Doctor informs him that someone prayer saved her. Sanju thank the person whom prayed for his Neeti. Parineet gets emotional reminding Sanju’s betrayal. Doctor informs to Sanju that surgery is over. He might take a good care on her. He asks him don’t inform about this accident to Neeti. Doctor reveals to him that Parineet whom bring her on time. She saved his wife. If he wanna thank someone then thank her. She is god to him.

Sanju pleads to doctor to talk with Neeti. She gives permission to him. Parineet thank God for saved her friend. She thank God for fulfilling her prayer. Sanju says to Neeti that he won’t leave her again. He kissed on her forehead and says she will get well asap.

Episode end

Precap; Parineet will think that Rajeev shared her nuptial chain and rights to Neeti. Neeti will get conscious and ask doctor about Parineet? She will inform her she was there till her surgery but she didn’t find her after that.

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