Parineetii 30th January 2024 Written Update: Neeti saves Parineet

Parineetii 30th January 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sukhwinder saying to Parminder that she need Neeti to save Parineet. But Neeti won’t help her because she understood the truth. She came to the wrong place. Parminder warns her that she won’t leave them if something happens to Parineet. She only saw her good side. She will see the worst. She requests her to call Neeti. Sukhwinder says that Neeti won’t come to the court. Parminder curses Neeti and leaves. The JCP driver gives a false testimony against Parineet. He says that Parineet asked him to kill Neeti. Sanju says that it’s a lie. On that day Shambu was on duty. He tried to kill Neeti. Bebe says that it’s a lie. Parineet says that she said to her that Neeti wanted to talk with her. Why she is lying now. The judge says that they are arguing again. Vidya says that if Neeti is there she would have revealed the truth.

Parminder says that Neeti won’t come. She isn’t in the hospital. Parineet worries about Neeti. Vidya asks Mehera to say what happened on his anniversary. Doesn’t Parineet wore a matching outfits of Sanju. Actually Neeti was his wife on that time. He nodded to her. The lawyer asks him to say in details. Vidhya says that she is trying to prove the truth but the lawyer is confusing it. The judge says that it’s crystal clear. The court is able to understand that Parineet is the culprit. He is about to give the judgement Neeti comes there. Neeti stops the judge. She hugs Parineet. She asks her if she alright? Neeti introduced herself to the judge. She says that Parineet is her childhood best friend. We can sacrifice each other life. She can’t imagine to kill her. This is a false accusations on her. She reached here late. Neeti makes him clear that Parineet never try to kill her. Someone framed her. She is withdraw the case. The judge says that Neeti gave her statement that Parineet is innocent. He rejected the case file. Sanju feels relieved. Parineet hugs Neeti and thanked her. Neeti fainted there. Parineet worries about her.

Sukhwinder searching for Neeti in the hospital. The nurse tells her that Neeti is missing in the hospital. She worries about Sukhwinder. Parineet gives water to Neeti. Parminder worries about Parineet. Neeti leaves from there. Bebe says to Gurinder that Neeti is showing concern on Parineet. Gurinder says that she is not able to understand it. The lawyer asks Parineet to complete the formalities. Parineet says that she wanted to meet Neeti. Daljeet and Rakesh stopped Neeti. Daljeet complaints that she ruined their plan. He scolds her. He says that they tried to save her but she ruined everything. Doesn’t she wanted to take revenge on her. She asks him who he is? Rakesh says to her that Parineet is his. Neeti slaps him. She demands him not to take Parineet’s name from his dirty mouth. Neeti slaps him. They are shocked to hear it. Meanwhile, Parineet completed the formality. Mehra says to Sanju that court sent a notice to him. The problem is they asked the questions against Parineet. He can’t say anything in it. Sanju understands him. Daljeet and Rakesh are arguing with Neeti.

Neeti gives a fitting reply to Rakesh. She says that she is Neeti. He may forget the way she beaten him in the Shalu’s engagement. She says that he is claiming that he loves Parineet. But Parineet isn’t loving him. When two people falls in love the relationship will workout. She says that he doesn’t deserves anyone’s love. Neeti attacks Rakesh. Rakesh beats her and runs from there. Neeti holds her head. Parineet rushes there to help her. She takes Neeti to the hospital along with Rajeev. Rakesh says to Daljeet that she asked him to help her. But she ruined everything today. If she didn’t saved them then Rajeev and Parineet would have separated for life long. But she slapped him. Her bad time started.

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Precap; Neeti loses her memory

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